Customer Support Specialist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

For him one of the most important characteristics of someone in the customer support arena is dependability.
Training and support are also another offering he makes available to his customers to ensure continued success with new sites he launches.
He is organized, dedicated and assertive in gathering the support that he needs to win and deliver to his customers.
He treated customers and his personnel with utmost respect and his support was appreciated by all.
Always quick to offer his support or a guiding hand when under pressure from the customer.
He continually pushes the envelope to find more effective ways to support his customers.
He would be a great asset to any customer facing or support organization.
He knows how to mentor and support those who work for him, and he delivers immense value to his customers.
He discerned his customers' requirements and communicated them to gain support.
John supports a win-win mindset; both internally and with the customer.
You will often personally find him on the phone supporting customers.
John's supportive and cooperative manner is not only highly respected by his colleagues, but is also much appreciated in by his customers.
He empathizes with customers and their challenges in a way that provides excellent support and solutions that delight.
John provided excellent support and responsiveness to his customers, offering business solutions to customer problems.
He quick to support and back many of our initiatives to improve customer experience.
He provided great support in preparing our response and also in front of the customer.
He truly cares about our customers, and is always coming up with new and better ways to support them.
His knowledge of the technology and support of customers was exemplary.
He goes above and beyond in supporting the customer's needs with professionalism and self-confidence to get the job done right.
John is an extremely strong customer advocate and always maintained a customer base that was loyally dedicated to him and the support he provided.
He has a thorough understanding of the equipment he supported and worked well with customers.
His performance has always been outstanding, and he provides the highest level of customer support and satisfaction.
His knowledge and supporting mind led us to solutions that we can sell to customers.
John attention to detail, and his superior work ethic in supporting customers' needs have been always a priority to him, and with that the support he provided has always been exceptional.
John is very scientific in his approach, professional in everything he does, customer oriented and extremely supportive.
John works hard for the customer and very well with the support team on the deal.
John consistently provided the customer with very quick responses to questions, issues, and other requests for support or guidance.
He exudes the belief in the customer and supports and advocates for us on a regular basis.
Great in front of the customer and great in a supporting role he is our go to guy.
He treats anybody in front of him like a customer and supports him/him with zeal.
John also excelled at providing the necessary support we required from our internal support resources as well as the appropriate customer interface.
He introduced some very effective customer retention programs that we were very appreciative to support.
He actively participated in all required work and provided excellent support to our customers.
He is very focused on providing the best fit for the customer and the candidate for each requisition he supports.
John also has a great way about him, which helps him win over internal support as well as the praises of customers.
He is willing to listen and then understand which made our relationship quite easy and benefited the customers he supported.
He would frequently take over tickets that support was stuck on and reach out directly to the customers experiencing these odd issues.
He always looked for win-win solutions and won the trust and support of both his colleagues and his customers.
The complete team player, can always count on his support for meeting customer demands.
John has done this and been recognized by not only himself and the team he helped support, but by our customers and company as a whole.
He gave excellent support during customer engagements and always made time to address any questions or challenges.
John always would go above and beyond in his efforts to support his clients and put together custom solutions for those partners.
John provides the depth and breadth of insights in the customer support area that few others can provide from among his peers.
His employees enjoyed working with him and he showed great leadership in supporting them and their customers.