Day Care Teacher LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Day Care Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John, thank you for everything you have given him, every day.

It took less than three days from our first discussion of his first day on board.

If there is something he doesn't know, you better expect him to know everything about it the next day.

He always looks to see how he can help you, not the other way around which is so common these days.

He would always get back with on the same day and he would always go out of his way to help him.

He taught you how making yourself, and the others around you better each and every day.

John will always do what he says he's going to do, something that is rare these days.

He followed up with him each day we were there to make sure everything was going okay.

He's made himself available to help him and still checks up on him to this day.

He knows what he wants and he gets the right answer at the end of the day.

Plus, he's ethical, something that you don't see all too often these days.

He came again the next day to make sure everything was back to normal.

He always was there to help-something we don't always find these days.

There was no day he would not tell him something new and interesting.

Seriously, he knows his stuff-and gets to know it better every day.

Treat others the way he wants to be treated, which he does every day.

John, thank you for saying hello to him on that airplane that day.

And lastly, always do what is right, which he does every day.

Even more impressive is the passion and care he demonstrates in his day to day work.

Even in the toughest of days, he goes out of his way to brighten the day, sometimes by just saying hello.

The day to day things are no problem for him, but where he really shines is when things get difficult.

When most are just starting their day, he has already accomplished more that many will by day's end.

John took the initiative to see where help was needed, even if it was outside his day-to-day role.

He challenges others to think about bigger things while still delivering the day-to-day.

John always kept an even keel, despite the day to day challenges that we all face.

He can see through the day to day problems and get to the heart of any issue.

He brings his passion, day in and day out, and it all comes from the heart.

Also, his contribution throughout the day helped make the day what it was.

He can rally the troops on down days and keep the groove going on up days.

The positive impact from his days here is still being felt to this day.

It is truly amazing that he is able to do it day in and day out.

And, he does it, day in and day out, with a smile on his face.

Best of all he does this with great passion day in and day out.

He often helped him see the extraordinary in day-to-day things.

Smart, ethical and caring, he's one of the people who makes a difference every day.

He cares deeply about his team and it shows each and every day.

Most importantly, he is always listening and caring, also he is always positive, no otherwise, even if it's really a raining day.

He actually cared about his situation and within a couple days had the problem resolved.

He's caring, trustworthy and funny and will make your day a bit brighter.

John is a delightful teacher, great at incorporating laughter into what he does each day.

He made him feel welcome from day one in his studio and to all the other days afterwards.

He also cares about the people that he works with and that gets lost these days.

John is an incredible teacher who cared not only about how well his students were learning, but also about how well he was teaching.

John can always be counted on to lift your day or get you over the hump with him wit and sincere care.

John does not believe in procrastination like so many of us are these days - if he says he will get something done, then he will.

He is passionate about making things better than they already are - and that's exactly what he does every day.

He would look at all the details/logistics so that we wouldn't have any surprises on the day.

A great way to be and what most of us need at the end of the day, or why ask for his help.

John will never let you down, and every day he will be striving to be better than before.

If anyone is considering going on one of these days, his advice would be - just do it.

Most days, he would make the rounds just to say hello and see how you were feeling.

He has so much potential and at the rate he is going he could be the best one day.

He has his tough days as all of us do, but he never let it get under his skin.

Leading by example, he inspires those around him to bring their best every day.

Whereas his other colleagues may take weeks to do that, he can do that in days.

John makes sure to keep in touch and make your day with his enthusiasm.

Two days later, this new perspective was already taking him to new places.

Our only regret was that we would like to have had another day with him.

He understands how to get things done, and makes them happen every day.

He came in and by the end of day one had immersed himself in the role.