Day Porter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Day Porter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

And every day, he did nothing but make him thankful he'd said "yes".
He has delivered on everything he said he would do from that day on.
He gives his best every day and expects no less from his employees.
John often came up with great ideas that we still use to this day.
That first moment defined for him who he is and has been to this day.
John brings his best to whatever he does and he brings it every day.
Plus, he has one of the best laughs ever, sure to brighten your day.
Thank you so much for for capturing forever the best day of his life.
He spoke of not doing things the same way as those days have passed.
John should really teach/instruct/speak some day about all he knows.
Every day, he inspired him to go above and beyond what was expected.
He knows what he is doing & by the end of the day he will prove it too.
John does this every day and your audience will thank you for it.
He gets you to excel without looking over your shoulder every day.
He's among the first to arrive and last to leave almost every day.
John's passion for everything he does shines through every day.
He's been with us since day one and we'll be with us till the end.
He will help in any way possible to make your day and life better.
Every other day he had some or the other things to inspire others.
John completed this all while maintaining his day to day tasks.
John's value to our company is still being recognized to this day.
Every day he would check-in to make sure our needs were being met.
We can note it that we will see him in the best positions on some day.
He always was above board and ethical in his day-to-day endeavors.
John checked in with us every day to make sure we were doing ok.
He always had an answer or provided him one before the day was out.
A day does not go by when someone does not comment on his profile.
As well as staying on top of his own day to day responsibilities.
He did his best to make sure we understood the lesson of the day.
Great minds like him mind are not ones you come across every day.
He also shows up every day and gives his all to what he is doing.
The days under his leadership has been one of the most memorable.
He welcomed him on his first day and we remain friends to this day.
John everyone will have access to the same opportunity some day.
It is truly amazing that he is able to do it day in and day out.
John jumped right in and made an impact in his first few days.
He continually went above and beyond every day in his position.
He's both serious and pleasant all day, regardless of pressures.
Happy to recommend him, and would love to have him back one day.
He always keeps his composure regardless of what the day demands.
At the end of the day, he was always last to leave, for example.
John checked up on him during the days and followed his progress.
John is very enthusiastic, something he maintains to this day.
He always pushes you to be the best you can be every single day.
John is approachable and he kept our interest throughout the day.
He gets more done in an hour than most of us get done in a day.
John puts forth his best effort all day, every day, without fail.
You would be amazed at what he can get accomplished in one day.
John has the ability to re-invent himself each and every day.
He really made an impression on him that day about who he was.
Literally, he was adding value to our efforts on his first day.
And, he does it, day in and day out, with a smile on his face.
He made coming in every day something to truly look forward to.
John, from day one, spoke to us like we've known him for years.
John gets it, and proves it from day one, as you may soon see.
Best of all he does this with great passion day in and day out.
His last day we took him to in and out and wished him the best.
He and his company did so well with him and continue to this day.
His continued excitement day in and day out was second to none.
Every day, there he is, reminding you of your responsibilities.
If he says you'll get it by the end of the day, you can rely on it.
He delivers well when it comes to having an output for the day.
He is fun to be around and him one smile would make your day.
From day one he has consistently gone above and beyond for us.
He always found something to smile about and brighten the day.
Not only did he preach these, he also lived with them every day.
That is the one characteristic that describes him to this day.
John always put others before him in every aspect of his day.
You could tell he had star potential from the very first day.
He often helped him see the extraordinary in day-to-day things.
At the very least, he'll brighten your day and make you smile.
And his sense of humor is something that really makes the day.
John is his day to day contact and provided great leadership.
And, of course, he's funny & friendly and always made his day.
Recently, his role has become more strategic than day-to-day.
He gives nothing but his best - difficult to find these days.
Working with him from day one has been an honor and a pleasure
If he doesn't know how to do it today, he will in a few days.
John is always smiling, which can't help but brighten one's day.
His desire to become better than the day before is unmatched.
Since day one he has been nothing but helpful and insightful.
From day one he has been committed and kept to all deadlines.
He told him something once, that stayed with him to this day.
It got him moving and was definitely the highlight of his day.
He encouraged him every day to do his best and be successful.
At the end of the day, what was best for the our company was all that mattered.
John is first in and last one out pretty much every day at our company.
It was his first day at our company, but you never would have known.
Our company such as John's made the day to day grind seamless
Because he treats every day like it's his last on our company.
John gets up every day excited about the what the day will bring for him and him our company.
John always cherish the days we were together in our company.
John himself has taken our company sessions for us during those days.