Delivery Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Delivery Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has excellent delivery management and people management capabilities.
John is an ideal combination of people management and managing delivery.
His man management is second to non and his delivery is first class.
And then he consistently manages the delivery of those outcomes.
John, despite managing large volumes the effectiveness of his delivery management was really great.
I can say with reservation he is an outstanding delivery manager.
John is one of the most dependable managers you can have in your delivery organization.
We kept in touch and after seeing him recently, he still managed to impress me with his delivery and passion.
John is the gold standard when it comes to delivery - and stakeholder management.
John has been involved in managing deliveries from multiple locations.
He managed expectations well and ensured satisfaction in delivery.
As a delivery manager, he knows exactly when and where to step in.
His delivery is timely and always manages to deliver beyond expectations.
John is an extremely capable delivery manager who manages his tasks with efficiency and accuracy.
He was my delivery manager and he was a great manager to work with.
John is an excellent delivery guy with a great experience in delivery and management.
He understands the people he manages as well as the requirements for delivery.
He is self managed and does a great job in looking after delivery.
John went above and beyond in his delivery, and we could not be more pleased with the end result.
Fulfils commitments' and will not promise what he cannot deliver.
He has been consistent in his delivery of that value proposition.
John has come through for me in his delivery of positive results.
John has impressed me with his ability to manage stakeholders from inception, through to delivery.
John manages through his relaxed delivery to inspire you to consider what you might be capable of.
His ability to manage complex deliveries in different countries is incredible.
John had a reputation for managing stakeholders well and ensuring delivery.
Where he lacked expertise, he managed to get good deliveries from others.
John has made a big difference on our sprints as the delivery manager.
John remains cool and calm in his approach to managing delivery.
He has always excelled in delivery these with great time management and organization.
John was the engagement delivery manager overseeing the transformation stream.
John is an extremely polite, well-mannered and delivery focused manager.
He excels in delivering excellence and relationship management.
I worked with him very closely when he was the delivery manager for our company.
John managed complex solutions from concept to successful delivery.
He has been a very strong delivery and people manager - his forte.
John was very clear on the objectives and made sure there were no grey areas in the area of delivery management.
He manages all his meetings very well and keeps everyone up to date with tasks and delivery timelines.
He was very proactive in managing and ensuring full delivery of all campaigns.
He is thorough, precise and steady in his management style, yet manages to drive down the cost of delivery.
He is passionate about his delivery and obviously he is very result oriented.
John can always be relied upon to delivery upon his promises and commitments.
He is someone who is extremely meticulous from conceptualization to delivery.
If he commits to do something, you can bet he will deliver on his promise.
John really knows his stuff and his commitment to delivery is second to none.
He follows through on his commitments and exceeds expectations on delivery.
He was also very self-sufficient and proactive in the delivery of results.
John is very delivery focused and always has his eye on the end result.
John is someone you can count on to deliver successful results.
His message is right on, his delivery entertaining and effective.
John is an energetic and courageous manager, focused on delivering in challenging circumstances.
He has the ability to manage push-back when needed, troubleshooting any delivery issues.
He is extremely good at requirements gathering and managing the delivery expectations.
John is a dynamic manager whose default mode is all about impact & delivery.
I have learned much by watching and listening to his delivery and management style.
He also has experience on the delivery side and is capable of managing large delivery teams.
He definitely inspired me with his motivational and inspirational delivery.
John is self-motivated, easy to get along with and great on delivery.
He has the ability to manage competing priorities and consistently deliver on his commitments.
John was a manager that provided clear direction and was very passionate about delivery.