Department Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Department Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Naturally, he was an understanding and inspiring manager of his department.

His style of management is to manage the departments and not the staff.

Successfully managed his department with a minimum of guidance.

John always made sure there was follow through with his department.

This was above and beyond all the departments he was already running.

We look forward to doing another for our company's other department.

Like many others in the department, came to know and appreciate him.

He managed the department with great enthusiasm and dedication.

He can manage any department and turn them from good to great.

A manager who made colleagues in other departments envy him for having such a relaxed guy as his manager.

His management style and interaction between departments were exemplary.

John can manage a department, but is not above getting his hands dirty.

His hands-on management has transformed the messaging department.

He understands the enterprise from the top down, department by department.

His even temperament allows him to mesh well with different departments.

He collaborates very well both within and across multiple departments.

Also, he is easy going and communicates well with the other departments.

John could always be counted on by our department for any help needed.

John's responsiveness to the needs of his department was incredible.

Our department would not be where it is today without his efforts.

He got along well with every other department, including his own.

His contributions to the department were immediate and enormous.

John is the type you would want to clone for every department.

This is why he is an invaluable contributor to the department.

Besides, he tries to understand other departments' business.

Customer feedback from his department was always outstanding.

His ability to manage and align multiple departments was astounding.

He works well with both his peers, across departments and with management.

The interaction that he has had with his departments has always been exemplary.

This was possible because of him competencies in all aspects of the department.

Anyone in the department could talk to him at just about any time.

John also has the management style necessary to bring all departments to the same page, so that things get done right the first time.

He manages to get the most out of his employees and his departments while keeping smiles on their faces.

His leadership and dedication help to motivate and guide the departments he managed.

He set up a meeting with our department managers to go over our needs.

At that time, he managed a department of two including himself.

John managed to navigate the needs of two very different departments with aplomb and somehow always managed to meet or exceed expectations on both ends.