Design Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Design Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His passion for the graphic design industry and willingness to help others at any time is what sets him apart from others in the industry.

John also is someone to bounce designs off of, and comes up with solid fun designs himself.

He isn't afraid to say and do what it takes to make good design into great design.

His design approach to design is sharp, polished, and attractive.

He came up with several designs that were beyond our expectations.

Everyone that has seen it has complemented him on the design.

His design sensitivity has been honed by working closely with the industrial design department to bring countless complex designs to reality.

John knows the design industry inside out and makes use of that knowledge to great effect.

John's knowledge of design is only surpassed by his passion for the industry.

He will stand behind his designers design rationales and make things happen if obstacles are getting in the way.

He really knows how to take ordinary designs and add that extra polish that makes them extraordinary designs.

His passion for design has really shown him that he is par or even above the greatest designers of the world.

He's not just a good designer; he also loves to do what he does, and that makes him a great designer.

He has an impressive eye for design and everything he creates exemplifies design excellence.

He always came up with great outside-of-the-box designs when faced with a design challenge.

He often gave him an angle to approach design from, and gave him much freedom in the design.

He is a very articulate designer and when describing his designs he is incredibly thorough.

He would understand the designer's intention and logic behind a design immediately.

John always brings fresh design to often overstate or mundane design issues.

He is a really nice design manger who had a good design vision.

He understands game design and mechanics better than many designers who have been in the industry for much longer.

He can take any idea and not only make it compliant, he makes it look how it was designed.

He handled everything that had to do with the design and we were better off because of that.

He'll go out of his way to make sure something is designed great and the right way.

Organizational hierarchy and design don't get in his way of doing what is right.

John knows no bounds and is always looking towards the next great design.

John really knows his stuff when it comes to scripting and design.

We couldn't have gotten many of the designs -wins, we did without him.

If ever there was, he would design a way over, around or through it.

His interest is diverse, and one can appreciate that in his designs.

John's design perspectives are often novel and always interesting.

He inspired him and was able to get the best out of him in his designs.

He looks beyond the obvious to find the most value in his designs.

John is very efficient, and him designs are truly outstanding.

You can always count on him to come up with new, fresh designs.

And over the years he has become one of his favorite designers.

It's no wonder why he has won so many awards for his designs.

He made what is a very well designed course that much better.

His examples had the audience laughing at bad designs and inspired by good designs.

John knew everyone who mattered in the bridge and designer fashion industry, and had their trust.

He not only get's it regarding experiential design, he knows how doing the right thing amidst adversity.

He came up with some designs that we loved and a few that we did not like, but that was ok with him.

When you combine these and many other traits, you get the very best in everything he designs to do.

John is very thorough when it comes to his designs and he verifies that nothing slips by unnoticed.

John has a very easy way about him that makes everyone trust what he says will do as designed.

He is so much energy that he will get along with you irrespective of designations and age.

He did this gladly and without any ego that sometimes stands in the way of many designers.

He will tell you that the designation is flattering, somewhat awkward and only temporary.

If there was an easier, more efficient way to design something, he was already doing it.

He encouraged him to try out any possible new designs or techniques without constraints.

With that perception, he comes back with designs that are better than they asked for.

We'd often bounce design ideas off each other and he'd always have useful feedback.

He always figures out how to synthesize feedback from others into the best design.

Each has been designed by him to bring out the best in its combination of flavors.

His designs are truly unique and unlike that of any firm we've used in the past.

He really knows how to explain his idea clearly and make him design come true.

He always seems to understand, and appreciate, the role the designer plays.

If he ever needs a designer again, he is very welcome to knock on his door.

All the while he is available to him designers and a multitasking marvels.

Anyone who needs an experienced writer/editor/web designer should use him.