Desktop Support Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Desktop Support Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is wonderfully supportive and refreshingly candid in the way he manages.

John's management style is one of tremendous support without suffocation.

We just knew we could count on him if we needed support from our manager.

As a manager, he was extremely supportive without ever micromanaging.

The support he provided to him as a hiring manager was quite valuable.

His management style is supportive as well as honest and truthful.

This made the hiring manager more trust and reply on his support.

For a young manager like him back then, his support was priceless.

His management style is firm but fair and is very supportive.

John managed to implement major changes on his own / without much support.

He is not a passive manager, but at the same time he was very supportive.

During this time he has proved himself to be a very supportive manager.

The same time he does not micromanage, but supports you when needed.

Couldn't ask for a more supportive manager during his time at Syzygy.

John is a great pleasure to support during his brief tenure as him manager.

It was definitely not micro-managing but a very warm and supportive to him.

Finally, he was a great manager who supported him through thick and thin.

He rapidly moved up through the support levels, then into management.

He provided a proper combination of management, support and advice.

As his manager, he has ably been giving great support and sparring.

If you pull your weight he is a loyal and supportive manager.

He managed the day to day issues with little need for outside support.

He absolutely knows his stuff and is a supportive, trustworthy and inspiring manager.

On top of that, he's a fair manager, supportive, but not shying away from issues.

John's encouragement and support helped him assimilate into a management role.

He supported multiple roles for over a year, when new management was hired.

Him wisdom taught him how to gain upper management alignment and support.

He provided outstanding support as a change/release manager during his tenure at our company.

John went on to support him through his early career, even thought he didn't directly manage him - he managed his immediate manager but had a branch presence.

He's a very experienced manager but at the same time he's also very easy going and will support you whenever you need his advice.

John is one of the best managers, he is beyond supportive, always helping you get to the next level in your career.

He always exceeds expectations and continues to deliver with little or no support from management around him.

He listens to the ideas of those he manages and is always supportive of their career progressions.

His management style is very supportive, always prepared to incorporate alternative viewpoints.

He immediately gained the respect of his fellow managers and all the employees he supported.

He manages suppliers well - tough, but clear and supportive when times get tough.

His support of management to get deals done has driven significant revenue.

He always delivered, and the managers he supported really liked him and wanted him to be their recruiter.

As his manager for recruitments, he was always very receptive and supportive of his ideas.

He is well respected by the managers he supports and the candidates he recruits.

John is an ideal boss to work for, he let you get on with it, managed when appropriate and was there to support you when required.

John manages what most could not, often with fewer resources or support but carries on regardless.

John doesn't just manage you, he leads the way by showing you exactly how things are done whilst supporting you in your role.

He leads by example and is a supportive manager and counterpart.

He is one of the best managers, he shows the right path and very supportive person.

Someone once said to him that you should choose your managers carefully - the good ones will support you, recognise your potential and help you go far.

He manages to combine much needed positive support, with the ability to challenge, even when it's uncomfortable.

His encouragement and support were not just being a good manager, but as a friend who has been there and done that.

John strikes a good balance between supporting candidate needs and the needs of hiring managers.

His supportive and encouraging management style allowed him to flourish and grow with ease.

He always has a positive, supportive outlook and is a pleasure to have as a manager.

His ability to manage and support a vast number of societies was impressive.

He is certainly a commendable manager, he knows and supports his people well.

He knew how to motivate him doing his best and supported his client management decisions.

John would truly be an asset to any organization requiring highly effective and supportive management.

As a manager, he was clear and responsive, and could always be counted on for support and direction.

John is a visionary, as his direct manager, he was encouraging, supportive and dynamic.

During this time, he was his manager, his mentor, his confidante, and a huge support.

His supportive management style helped the growth and development of his career.

As a manager, he supports through contextual advice and practical help.