Development Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Development Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Last but not least, he is always very well informed on the industry developments.

He also identified and developed several key industry partnerships.

John is an excellent developer and has extensive knowledge of the web development industry, which he has built up over the years in the industry.

He helped us develop an industry survey to get to know our members.

He would also take industry trends and ensure that we were using them as opportunities for growth and development.

He has some exceptional contacts within the industries which he has developed by his very friendly nature.

John keeps abreast of developing trends in the industry, and is always looking to create his own.

John's commitment to the development of tourism has been widely recognised across the industry.

He not only knows his industry (leadership development), but he is also a great connector.

He developed a great understanding of his industry and what his particular needs were.

His awareness and acumen across various industry sectors has developed significantly.

John understands the industry and has great ability in developing the right contacts.

John's abilities have served him well in developing excellent industry connections.

During development, he held his own alongside award-winning industry experts.

John is a brilliant developer who has mastered this industry.

It has been his pleasure getting to know him and learn from him in the economic development industry.

His specifications are the envy of the industry, as are his attitude & passion for development.

He followed industry best practices in his development patterns, which was refreshing.

He continues to look for ways to grow and develop in an ever-expanding industry.

John knows talent, regardless of industry, and how to develop and amplify it.

In recent years he has focused on development with the hospitality industry.

His training and development area was admired throughout the industry for developing superior salespeople.

In the learning and development industry, he definitely has influenced him.

He always studies the latest developments in the industry and gives his all to clients.

The conference, he developed to bring together some of the industry's best in a relaxed forum.

John's ability to develop an understanding of a new and unfamiliar industry is remarkable.

His insight on wider company and industry issues and developments was also very valuable.

Personally, he has played a huge role in his successes and development in this industry.

He truly is an industry all-rounder, with the benefit of coming from a development background.

He worked with our industry experts to ensure the tools developed were aligned with industry standards.

John's unique approach at interactive development clearly puts him above the rest in the industry.

John's vision and views of industry development were refreshing and full of insight.

John has developed a strong background in the card payment industry.

John demonstrated the ability to develop solutions that did not exist in our industry.

John is passionate about the work that he does, and about developments in the online/digital industry in particular.

He develops and maintains strong relationships and is always abreast of what's going on in the industry.

He understands not only the industry, but trends in the industry that he utilizes to leverage, develop and grow relationships.

He seems to know just about everyone in the games development industry and his connections have always proved invaluable.

Consequently, he knows how to use that to develop and grow people across a variety of industries and interests.

He develops a very good rapport with the candidates, which is very important being in this industry.

His grasp of the major trends and important developments in our industry is superb.

Over the years he has developed a team which can rival the best in the industry.

Always on lookout to learn new things and keep himself updated of the industry knowledge and developments.

His writings are some of the best in the industry and his mentorship has been invaluable for the development of his own career.

His innovative ideas extend beyond development to all aspects of the interactive industry.

In addition, he is always on top of new trends and developments in the broader industry and their implications for our domain.

John is a true visionary who doesn't just talk about trends and new developments in the industry he makes them happen.

He's helped develop a whole industry with his inspirational ideas and thought leadership.

His depth of knowledge is incredible and he is always looking forward for new developments and innovations in our industry.

He knows the industry well and develops strong relationships with his clients.

John's technical understanding of the development industry is second to none.

Having teaching experience he is always trying to be at the cutting edge of the development industry.

John's vision of how game development in this industry will restructure is ahead of its time.

He developed key initiatives that better enabled us to retain and develop our talent - in an industry which is highly competitive.

John knows the industry trend and developed very well and he understands what employers and employees are looking.

John has his fingers on the pulse of the industry and any new developments and social trends.

He's one of those people who is priceless in any industry that hopes to develop creatively.

He also sports the finest beard in the whole of the game development industry.

John's strength is in strategy development through thorough analysis and the use of his considerable industry insights.

John always shared best practice with him and was often at the forefront with any industry news and developments.