Digital Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Digital Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He knows all the digital tools very well and he is always up to date with new digital trends.

His passion and commitment to the digital industry makes him one of a kind.

Johns experience in the digital industry is vast and varied and this comes through in his approach to complex digital problems.

With a wealth of industry experience in digital, he has a unique perspective on the industry.

His knowledge of the digital channel has got to be one of the best in the industry.

John is one super passionate digital guru, you can ask him anything about the digital industry and he can explain it to you, word by word, in layman terms.

In addition, he is really oriented towards digital solutions and really helps us to be always more digital.

He knew the ins and outs of the industry, and was all over the digital channels.

In fact, he envisioned many of what's happening in the tourism industry during digital era.

John offered a second to none insight into the digital music industry.

He really gets digital and is one our best evangelists in the company.

He made many efforts to help digital industry growing, but he was also particularly helpful in other areas of the company.

In an industry that is too often criticized for being slow to change, he provides the type of leadership that will help bring the industry into the digital age.

Furthermore, he always came up with new ideas for new digital campaigns.

Follow his industry musings; call on him for digital thought leadership.

He contributed positively to any class debates and discussions about the digital industry and its particulars.

He understands the digital space, and has great instincts and vision for where the industry is going.

He relishes the fast moving nature of the digital industry and never sits still.

If you don't know much about digital, you certainly will after speaking with him.

He knows the industry inside out and has a fierce passion for all things digital, which is demonstrated through his involvement with a number of industry bodies.

His understanding of digital is second-to-none and his enthusiasm are infectious.

He just gets digital and knows when to apply it to obtain the results.

He knows his way around digital and has shared many pointers about it.

His digital expertise goes well-beyond his scope of responsibilities.

John is certainly an expert in, all things online and digital.

John focused on both the old and new on our industry - delving into ethics and the digital future during his time under his watch.

John's diligence to the organisation, facilitation, and all round digital industry insight and connections was class.

His continued pursuit of the "next thing" in the digital world will keep him at the forefront of this industry.

And of course, he knows his way around the interweb - and all things digital - rather well.

It goes without saying that he is well respected amongst peers and colleagues as well as within the digital advertising industry.

A decade of stay in the industry summarises him abilities and capabilities to adapt and assimilate as the industry is quickly moving to the digital era.

He strived to better him expertise in digital not just for himself, but also his employees.

And he is especially adept in the area of digital transformation.

Knowledgeable and creative, he was his trusted go-to on all things digital.

His expertise in everything digital was impressive and contributed enormously to the company's digital strategy.

He really understands digital transformation and how to reshape Marcom strategies for the digital era.

He's also a master at organising the digital podge, by far the best get together of the great and good in the industry.

On top of it, he runs his own blog, making him more tech-savvy and well-versed within the digital industry.

As an industry luminary, he is whip-smart, cutting edge, and always on top of new digital trends.

He also really gets digital versus all of the people who just talk about it.

He is also one of the very few people who 'got it' digitally.

John has significant and successful digital out of home industry experience.

He also was willing to help out others in setting up digital displays, which was obviously outside of his scope of responsibility.

Though he is well known for his expertise in all things digital – he goes far beyond just that singular strength.

He is always one step ahead as the agency became more digitally and all in all an excellent colleague.

John company looking to be at the forefront of all things digital would be lucky to have him on board.

He never shies away from gnarly problems, and when it comes to digital, he always has the answers.

He has also now been in digital so long that he still has memories of monochrome screens.

His understanding of digital and how it can be leveraged by companies is second to none.

An asset to all those who know him or those who help with their digital needs.

His diligence and insights blended well with his passion for all things digital.

He hails from digital, but has crossed over to embrace all of the disciplines.

John is a visionary and someone who is always pushing the "digital envelope".

He completely 'gets' anything digital and always knows what's coming next.

He has the vision and leadership to make the next step in digital happen.

John's prowess in all-things-digital is well respected and revered by all.

John is the kind of guy you want at the heart of your digital agenda.

He is incredibly passionate about digital entertainment, just ask him.

John will take your company's digital presence to the next level.

His expertise and digital vision to be outstanding in all respects.