Digital Marketing LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Digital Marketing Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John gets digital marketing and understands how to get the most from his team.

A great digital marketer who is always ready to take new challenges, re-learn & showcase his digital passion.

With his strong knowledge of all things marketing, he has a deep understanding of the digital marketing challenges.

John is a smart and creative marketer with solid experience in digital marketing.

John has unsurpassed knowledge of the digital marketing space, in particular, marketing automation.

His knowledge and ability across all of digital marketing is more than impressive.

He wanted to do some work in digital marketing, and off he did, and brilliantly.

He is extremely knowledgeable in many different aspects of digital marketing.

He was very creative with him digital marketing approach to all online marketing campaigns assigned.

He not only helped perform digital marketing efforts, he also helped come up with new, innovative marketing campaigns.

If you are getting an opportunity to have him in your digital marketing team, go for this.

Has a great digital marketer and always willing to up and beyond to help his team.

John mentored not only me, but several of our marketing folks as we expanded our digital footprint.

John is the go to guy whenever you need qualified expert advice and knowledge about inbound marketing and anything to do with modern digital marketing.

John has a good insight on how digital marketing works and he understands the competitive market thoroughly.

He is a digital marketing genius and a very reliable source for market trends and insights.

His digital marketing knowledge has proven indispensable as he continues to teach and help me become a better marketer.

He is one of the best marketers out there and it's inspiring to hear him discuss the possibilities in the digital space.

His brilliant and innovative ideas regarding digital marketing, entrepreneurship are something which is nonparallel.

His appetite for innovation makes him one of my go-to collaborators on the latest digital and marketing trends.

John has been of great help for the implementation of our digital marketing strategies.

I would highly recommend him to help an organization ramp digital marketing efforts.

In fact, he is on the cutting edge in terms of digital marketing innovations.

John is a very ambitious, focused, and fearless digital marketing innovator.

I look forward to working with him again and recommend him to anyone who's looking for a digital marketing expert.

I was truly amazed by his knowledge about digital marketing, particularly he knows how doing it in a sensible way.

His understanding of digital marketing is second to none and he works hard to always keep things fresh.

John is as enthusiastic and passionate about digital marketing methodologies as he is knowledgeable.

John possesses all the attributes you should look for when wanting to work on your digital marketing.

He is very knowledgeable about digital marketing and very helpful and encouraging to coworkers.

John was great to work with and certainly has a passion for all things in digital marketing.

John has an impressive depth of knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing.

His impressive and ever-growing knowledge of digital marketing is second to none.

During this time he has demonstrated that he masters all the aspects of digital, ranging from viral marketing to search marketing.

John is a digital marketing expert, a digital native but he also understands all the commercial issues.

John is a remarkable marketer with tremendous vision for the direction marketing and advertising is going via digital.

I never hesitate to refer him to prospects who need help with their digital marketing plan.

I would recommend him without hesitation to any company wanting to take their digital marketing to the next level.

He's also on point with strategies that are precise remedies for digital marketing requirements.

John has remarkable vision and forward thinking when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

John would be an excellent asset to any music, digital or marketing company.

John is one of the most innovative and creative thinkers in the digital marketing space.

He provides solutions and guidance to marketers looking to maximize their return in the digital space.

John is very aware of how best to market through various channels with a flare for digital campaigns.

He also provides creative and practical solutions to making the most out of digital marketing.

John's no-nonsense approach to commerce and digital marketing drives results.

He is very approachable and explains the complicated world of digital marketing well.

John is an excellent, all rounded marketeers that never fail to keep up with challenges and new ideas in digital innovation.

John has a great understanding of digital marketing and has provided innovative ideas for my organisation.

John is a natural innovator, who understands digital marketing in both breadth and depth.

He is an expert in digital marketing, bright, innovative and a great speaker.

He understands digital marketing to the depth and strive to provide best possible solutions.

He firmly has his finger on the pulse of digital marketing and how brands are evolving in this fast paced digital environment.

He taught us about digital marketing, but also to believe in ourselves and that anything is possible if we put our mind to it and work hard.

What separates him from many others is that his digital knowledge is rooted in strong marketing principles.

I would recommend him in any digital marketing role and would be more than happy working with him again.

His digital marketing knowledge and capabilities are impeccable, and he's always ready to take on more.

John has a sincere passion for digital marketing which really comes through every aspect of his work.

He always inspires him trainees to expand their knowledge and make the most of digital marketing.

John's ability to integrate digital into traditional marketing environments is second to none.

His knowledge both in the marketing and digital space is to be admired.

His experience will be an asset to anyone committed to digital marketing.

I miss working with him as he's a rare find in digital marketing.

His knowledge of marketing in the current digital environment is amazing and right on track.

His knowledge of the digital market is fantastic and, put simply, he just gets it.

The team cannot wait until he next visits us and we can update him on our progress in digital marketing.

Most importantly, he understands that digital thinking needs to be at the heart of all marketing strategy.

His knowledge and application of all things digital makes him an invaluable marketing player.

John is an exemplary employee with a firm grasp of digital marketing and e-commerce.

His diligence and enthusiasm were appreciated as he quickly learned digital marketing concepts.

He has a deep understanding of the role of digital in the marketing mix and in consumers' lives.

He's articulate, positive, friendly and highly talented in all aspects of digital marketing.

Not only does he know the ins and outs of modern digital marketing - he is expectational to work with.

He is undoubtedly a digital expert and phenomenal marketer, his knowledge is second to none.