Digital Marketing Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Digital Marketing Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's one of those special people out there in the marketing consulting world.

Everyone comes away from the session having gained valuable information, even fellow digital marketing consultants like him.

John would be a welcomed addition to any organization looking for an exemplary marketing consultant.

John's marketing expertise and telemarketing insight, make him invaluable as a consultant.

John gets digital marketing, and has a work ethic second to none.

His knowledge in online and digital marketing is above the rest.

John recently provided us with some web marketing consultancy that has been incredibly helpful.

John consulted with him on new game marketing and gave him invaluable advice.

His consultants stay with him, and he is the first they call when they return to the market again.

Secondly, he really understands the latest trends in digital marketing and can take on the toughest consultancy assignment or training opportunity.

He really knows digital marketing, is open minded and seems to enjoy tackling big challenges.

His particular strength is around digital and content marketing, the core of any good marketing program.

John takes him well rounded insights and applies them to him marketing consultant and in him collateral development.

He himself is both a terrific consultant, a wonderful marketeer, and an "algae entrepreneur".

John provides a friendly, concise, helpful and actionable initial marketing consultation.

He would make an excellent consultant to any client who wants to drive digital results.

He just started as an independent consultant in e-mail marketing.

John continues to surprise his team and him with his effectiveness in digital marketing.

Having him as a digital consultant and mentor was also a huge plus.

His class was of exceptional value to him as it provided him rich insight into the digital marketing landscape.

He is a pioneer in digital marketing, and he has never stopped learning and trying new things.

His marketing knowledge and understanding of measuring marketing effectiveness is far beyond his years.

His knowledge of the markets and ability to adapt to market conditions is invaluable.

This makes him an ideal consultant or member of any dynamic marketing team.

His energy and enthusiasm are pluses to what you would want and expect from a marketing consultant.

Added to his passion is his understanding of the technologies that make digital marketing possible.

John is his type of marketer; one that could consult any organization to success because he has proven his marketing proficiency driving traffic to his own sites.

He's a no-nonsense marketing consultant who cuts through the clutter to get things done on time and on target.

He introduced, educated, and consulted his company on inbound marketing.

John worked for him as a marketing search consultant, and he was absolutely terrific.

He offered his excellent consulting not only on the shows, but in marketing in general.

He brings new ideas to alliance marketing, channel marketing, demand generation, marketing strategy and digital strategy.

He went above and beyond to make sure that we all had the most up to date knowledge on the market.

What came through, and always has, is his breadth of knowledge about all things marketing.

And it goes without saying that he has in-depth knowledge of marketing.

He also knows what's possible to achieve through his market knowledge.

He understands the digital marketing space well and comes up with overall marketing ideas that are focused on innovation & customer delight.

He could assess if, how, and where each individual customer would be best suited in digital marketing.

Working with him years ago, he knew where the internet and digital market was going before most others even acknowledged things would change.

John is a master in all realms of digital marketing and everything he touches turns to gold.

Because of the depth and length of his experience in the digital marketing space, he consulted with customers across verticals.

John is equally excited to learn everything about direct marketing as he was about teaching him (the outside consultant) all there was to know about resort marketing.

His digital marketing campaigns are always eye-catching, unique, and creative.

John is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable marketers working in digital today.

He has an extensive knowledge about digital marketing and blog relationships.

As an executive-level marketing consultant, he is without equal.

He is always available for consultation and supports other markets when they reach out with the need for qualified candidates.

A great digital marketer and a pro trainer who really knows his stuff.

John is a great consultant, helped him a lot in defining the approach on content & digital marketing.

John strives to find the best solution for both clients and candidates and this has made him one of the best consultants in the market.

His amazing ability to learn various specialties in digital marketing over the years is truly incredible.

John joined us in the apprenticeship scheme keen to learn about the world of digital marketing.

He knows a variety of digital marketing methods to ensure we learn what we need for.

He is an experienced marketer with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the biscuit and confectionery market.

John impressed him immediately with his advanced knowledge of marketing, most notable inbound marketing.

John is a great marketer and impressed him with his outstanding market and domain knowledge.

Over that time, he has proved that he has a consummate knowledge of digital marketing and how it fits within the overall marketing mix.

John is very professional, and offered valuable input that could only be provided by an experienced digital marketer.

He values & pursues self-awareness and is much more than a social marketing consultant.

He is an excellent teacher who was able to excite him about everything digital marketing.