Digital Media Planner LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Digital Media Planner Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John knows recruitment and has embraced digital media from the off.
John a has worked both directly and indirectly with him, both in traditional and new (digital) media.
It is his pleasure to work with him and gaining many insights of the digital media.
John goes above and beyond to learn about the media landscape, especially when it pertains to digital.
He's always willing to share his experience in digital and mobile media.
John's creativity and command of digital media are immediately recognizable.
John knows everything about the digital advertising and media planning.
John knows digital and traditional media like the back of his hand, and is always looking out for him clients' best interests.
The conversations were always interesting, and he was constantly looking for ways to make the world of digital media more relevant for its audiences.
He's the definition of a forward thinker and his passion for digital media can't help but excite others around him.
John not only helped him decide his angle on journalism, but he introduced him to the world of digital media.
John wears his encyclopaedic knowledge and deep understanding of digital media lightly.
His depth of understanding and passion for the digital media space is rarely matched.
Him the ability to think across traditional and digital media is a valuable asset.
He brings a very pragmatic, no-nonsense view of digital media to the table.
He knows both traditional and digital media and has created programming and content for all media types.
A true digital media professional who knows what he is talking about.
John has been a client of mine for a few years and he is one of his favorite media planners.
At this point he is a seasoned digital media veteran and his perspective will help you make better decisions.
John really inspires him surrounding with him a passion with digital media, a true influencer.
John understands the various nuances of digital media strategy and implementation.
He's a phenomenal media planner and just so great to work with.
He is passionate and understands the digital landscape and the power of the media he sells.
His knowledge with digital and the media landscape is amazingly unique.
But what amazed him most is that, as experienced as he is, he also has a deep understanding of contemporary digital media concepts.
His extensive expertise in digital media is self-evident, his instincts are spot-on, and his ideas make sense.
He "gets" the tech side of digital media, but appreciates, the client/agency side just as much.
If you are in the every changing world of digital media his blog is a worthy bookmark.
John doesn't look at vanity media metrics, he thinks digital and consumer first.
Highly recommended for digital media (and online in specific) leadership roles.
And, his grasp of digital media tools and strategies is top notch.
He also has a strategic mindset around digital media and the interactive audience.
He has an excellent working attitude and it's clear he really enjoys digital media.
John's knowledge of digital media and technology is quite comprehensive.
John really is that guru of all things digital advertising and social media.
He's across print, digital, handling the media, events and much more.
It is clear that he loves his job and eats, breathes and lives digital media.
He always presented new opportunities for our programs to become more entrenched in digital media.
He understands consumer trends and where digital media fits within an organization.
He understood what was required from the digital media landscape and how we could best achieve good results.
John's approach to digital media is focused on performance and budget maximization.
He brings him personable, sophisticated self to life via digital media.
His understanding of digital media, and the factors driving it, is second to none and always throws up unique insights into consumers.
He can see beyond his immediate context and offers a valuable insight into the full gamut of digital media.
His comprehensive approach to media campaigns reflects his deep understanding of digital platforms.
John is an intelligent planner with a strong understanding of online media.
He is very approachable and puts everyone at ease by simplifying concepts and the workings of the digital media.
He owns an amazing grasp of the workings of digital media - in all its varied facets.