Digital Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Digital Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He gets digital, and is very effective at managing client expectations.
John knows in deep about the digital world so he can bring fresh and interesting ideas to any project.
His enthusiasm and love for the digital world shines through with every project he is involved in.
John acted a true digital mentor in all the projects we shared.
He is always pleasant to deal with, and was always searching for that next level of digital excellence in regards to the digital assets that he managed.
He truly understands digital projects, sprint planning, prioritization, stakeholder management, and resource management.
At the same time, however, he is also realistic - pragmatically pushing through the most pressing digital projects.
We would not be where we are with our digital asset management tool without him.
But his core role was as digital manager where he proved extremely capable.
It was really fun to stretch the envelope with him on the few digital projects we worked together.
His knowledge of how to handle all aspects of digital projects is his strongest point.
His professionalism, strong project management and willingness to help in all areas of the project was greatly appreciated.
He also was willing to take on new challenges such as project management and exceeded in that role as well.
He ensures that all facets of the project management are handled very well.
Another good example was his ability to manage the airport project well.
What might matter to a future manager is his ability to manage multiple projects and compose/execute strategy across multiple digital channels.
He is adept at working with multiple stakeholders on the projects he takes on and manages those projects to timely completion.
He is brilliant as a project manager but also as an account: he understands clients' needs and knows how to transform them into a digital projector.
He drew up a strong digital team and made every project count.
John's depth of digital experience across categories/industries and projects makes him an invaluable asset to your digital team.
He's an all-rounded digital commando, a very quick learner and immerses himself into projects.
John positively impacted the digital transformation within our company and strongly contributed to the project.
He managed to deliver many complicated digital projects within a challenging environment which constantly required quick turnaround.
John's understanding of digital strategy, content distribution and project management are insane.
He knows his stuff and ensures that the focus of any digital project remains on the end user.
He managed time and projects efficiently and effectively for the team and handled any projects assigned to him responsibly.
John does an outstanding job managing project with dedication, thoroughness, and excellent communication throughout the course of the project.
His knowledge of the digital space is exemplary and he is highly efficient in his management of creative projects.
His expertise is second to none when it comes to multimedia projects from thought to reality in the digital landscape.
He showed great passion & tremendous energy in sharing his digital projects.
From post production supervision, to digital projects, to photography and more, he somehow manages to juggle it all and make it look easy.
John is a conscientious project manager who invests himself wholeheartedly in the projects he works on.
John always approached projects with the frame of how they would play out in the digital sphere and the greater scheme of the campaign.
On top of that he trained several project managers so they quickly evolved up to company top-management.
As a digital campaign manager, he was able progress quickly from looking after clients to working with suppliers and managing projects.
His knowledge of the digital world and the connections he offered to help him through his project were extremely helpful.
His ability to handle middle to large projects as the lead or project manager is solid.
He successfully runs multiple digital projects, manages and has managed several teams and groups, and has an amazing outlook on life.
John manages multiple projects and multiple deliverables exceptionally well.
John brown managed the incredible hulk project incredibly well.
Allow him to take ownership of your digital community project and reap the benefits.
John's expertise made a significant and positive difference to our digital transformation and to making real progress on our digital projects.
John is a master of group organization and project management.
In all projects he demonstrated his digital, creative and mobile expertise.
John provided thoughtful guidance on digital projects, kept the team organized and managed budgets effectively.
Once we started the project he set up a project management tool that streamlined all correspondence making it easy to keep track.
At the time he was part of some very significant projects that moved the organisation into the digital age.