Direct Care Staff LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Direct Care Staff Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His staff is caring and always focused on his wellness needs.

The John company would be lucky to have such a smart and caring individual on their staff.

And with his caring nature, he easily gains the trust and respect of his staff.

It is apparent how deeply he cares about staff and the company as a whole.

He cares about the organizations and the staff that he works with.

At the same time, he truly cares about the staff working for him.

Besides that he is a good work companion and careful leader taking care of his staff.

He listened to his staff and provided good direction for them when issues came up.

His staff always looked up to him, admired his opinion, advice and direction.

He delivers clear direction to staff and provides valuable feedback.

John cares about his entire staff and makes sure everyone has everything they need to do their job and do it well.

John genuinely cares for his staff always ensures that they are supported in the direction of the organization.

John always took care of his staff, his clients and all the key stakeholders.

He pays attention to details and make sure his staff is being taken care of.

If he himself could not handle a request, he made sure that it was quickly taken care of by the appropriate staff member.

He genuinely cares about his staff and those he interacts with and expresses appreciation for their contributions.

As a father of two daughters himself, he really cared for the well being of the staff and their families.

He is experimental, innovative & he cares about having a diversity of staff and of opinion.

While he required a lot of his stuff, he showed us that he cared about us all individually.

He handled difficult tasks like staff reorganizations with care and dignity.

A caring individual who puts staff engagement at the heart of what he does.

He dedicates his time and effort to ensuring all staff is taken care of.

In addition to his direct responsibilities, he always has time to encourage staff.

His genuine interest and care for him staff can be seen in his dedication to his work.

John clearly cares a great deal about his staff and everyone with whom he works.

He keeps confidentiality and accords duty of care to staff and applicants.

He trusts his staff to carry on their assigned roles, and provides overall direction, while keeping staff motivated and focussed.

John does his best to deflect credit and praise directed toward him onto his staff.

He gave him staff direction and let them run with their work.

John leads by example and always gives insightful direction to his staff.

He would be an outstanding asset to any employer looking for someone who truly cares about their staff and wants the best for their company.

He cares deeply for people and his staff and yet is courageous in challenging them to help them become better.

He cared, immensely, his home was open to all his players and staff.

He not only cares immensely about his projects, but he wants others to care just as much.

He knows how to hold teams together, is always very approachable, and you can tell he genuinely cares for his staff.

John always went the extra mile to take care of our many events, him stuff and him board.

The staff appreciated his thoughtful direction, accessibility and feedback.

He is someone who cares greatly about the stuff he is working with and always makes time to speak to any of his stuff regardless of what the topic may be.

He requires very little direction, but takes that direction very well.

At every show, he continually makes sure all staff members are taken care of and that all their questions are answered.

John listens to his colleagues and his staff, and takes genuine care to answer their concerns.

He also genuinely cares about his staff, and he helped him to grow in a challenging role.

John deals with all students, faculty and staff with sincere appreciation and care.

It was refreshing to see a leader care as deeply as he did for his staff.

He is a good leader, he does so by listening and caring his staff.

John took direction very well and often went over and above his title.

Need a referral, he can direct you in the right direction or if not he will guide you to someone who can.

The caring and respect for the staff is also seen in the way he works with clients.

Him and his staff has a wonderful facility and they take care of you.

He will always try to achieve the best for his staff, often by just steering them in the right direction with a gentle push.

He knows how to think out of the box and was able to get our staff moving and thinking in the same direction.

He and his staff were very helpful answering all his questions and concerns with direct answers.

His ability to rally his direct and his extended staff to over-achieve was second to none.

John is also a great mentor to both direct and indirect staff.

John cares not only about delivering quality results, but also the well-being of his staff.

He taught him that caring for your staff produces great results.

He selects his staff with care and provides a great environment for that staff to execute to the vision.

He cares for all his staffs' careers and actually helps us achieve our goals.

His staff has commented how he encouraged them to think on their own while providing the direction and guidance.

He took time and care into his team building exercises, and genuinely cared for his staff.