Director Of Events LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Director Of Events Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Each event has provided value to himself and to his organization.

Hardly the most challenging event you might say, but that is exactly his point.

People have since contacted him asking him “when will the next event be?”.

Venues are second to none and they complimented his event perfectly.

John to see him again on our upcoming events around the world.

His talk was also considered one of the best for this event.

We would not have had as good an event as we did without him.

We met before the event and he was sure to understand what we were asking of him, and he exceeded our expectations after the event was over.

He handled multiple events simultaneously and everything was always set up and waiting for you at the event.

He created an event that was not only flawless, but broke the mold of what events should and can be like.

He wrote the leaderboard spec for our lockbox event which is currently our most profitable event.

He runs the event like clockwork and brings humour to the event for all.

He couldn't believe that anyone else could have known him so well without event meeting him.

John hosted this event for us, and he was exactly what we were looking for.

Looking forward to meeting him again at some event in the future.

At events, he will be the first one to volunteer to help out.

The success of his events provides confidence for others to entrust their events organization to him.

For him that is one of the most important things to take away from an event like this.

John did either of us know that an event like that would bind us together for life.

We really appreciated his help just before our event whilst we were rushing around trying to get things done.

If you are looking for someone to create an event that no one will soon forget, he will not disappoint.

He can magically incorporate the equipment, that has to be there, into the look of the event.

He provided images before leaving the event and followed up to make sure we were satisfied.

John is very passionate about the gift baskets that he provided to us for our events.

He could see opportunities in events and promotions that most would never even consider.

It was also an added value for the audience to have his books available at the event.

John also coped very well with the crises that occurred before and during the event.

The pace with him introductions was just right and he really contributed to the event.

He went above and beyond and some seriously long hours to make our event successful.

Several of them approached him and commented on how much they appreciated the events.

He challenged us, when we needed to be challenged, but did not take over the event.

When it comes to being a friend, he is there to help you at every turn of events.

John, thanks for getting involved with our event last week, you are truly heroic.

They simply wouldn't be the same without his input, before and during each event.

Thanks to him stewardship it was one of our best awards events in recent memory.

If you are invited to an event with him, chances are it's not one to be missed.

When we first met him during the event, he was very welcoming and approachable.

Quite simply, he is fabulous - don't think twice, book him for your next event.

John always makes sure that every event is perfect and exceeds expectations.

He will use any means at his disposal to make sure your event is spectacular.

During the event, some of us remarked how everywhere we looked, he was there.

Just find out more about him, his expertise, his events, and you'll know why.

John will ensure that everyone involved in an event gets the most out of it.

He even took some of the most beautiful and memorable pictures of our event.

John always showed by example how to deliver the most excellent events.

Many of our attendees have suggested we bring him back for every event.

He can juggle many events at the same time and they are always perfect.

In his opinion, it was the most inspiring conference in the whole event.

John is on the panel of an event that put on and he was awesome.

He knows how to get the word out, and elevate the success of an event.

He also kept us updated on events and things happening around campus.

During the past two years he has also served on our events committee.

He is always enthusiastic about the events he needed to organise.

John would be an excellent addition to any conference or event.

John organisation, event or cause would be strengthened by him input.

Apart from the magazine he also immensely contributed to our events.

We had him as our keynote for our event this year and he was great.

He knows all there is to know about putting on an arena-sized event.

John became co-chair after him, and he grew the event tremendously.

If you get the opportunity to visit one of his events, you must go.