Emotional Intelligence LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Emotional Intelligence Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John - if you have not had the pleasure of his acquaintance - is the way in which he embodies emotional intelligence.

There is an emotional intelligence and grit, he has, something that cannot easily be taught.

One of the most valuable lessons he taught him was emotional intelligence.

He's intelligent, responsive, and was always willing to collaborate.

Besides being intelligent, he's very determined and an overachiever.

If the term 'emotional intelligence' applies to someone, it is him.

His patience and intelligence are amongst his many attributes.

He does so leveraging his own intelligence and curiosity, coupling it with the intelligence of others through meaningful collaboration.

He respects the intelligence of his prospects and in turn, asks intelligent questions.

He is hilarious and intelligent and sometimes he is both of these at the same time.

You can tell almost as soon as you meet him that he is exceptionally intelligent.

The blend of him drive and emotional intelligence should take him very far.

He knows how to keep his salespeople motivated and he is very intelligent.

He's one of those intelligent guys that everyone needs to meet.

John's particular specialism and 'angle' were emotional intelligence.

The foundation of emotional intelligence that he teaches is remarkable.

He gets the job done well with intelligence and without bluster.

His emotional intelligence has made him an excellent facilitator in our organization.

What makes him truly unique is him warmth and emotional intelligence that puts him in another league.

John is intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated to everything and everyone he encounters.

The first thing that impresses you about him is his enormous commitment and intelligence.

First, him intelligence manifests itself in the way he always asks the right questions.

He exhibits outstanding leadership and emotional intelligence in all his dealings.

He handles everything he does with intelligence, persistence and of course, wit.

He is intelligent and has loads of initiative and needs very little supervision.

He is very hardworking, intelligent and is always committed to whatever he does.

It is evident from the intelligent questions that he used to ask in the class.

John's intelligence and capacity come across immediately in any conversation.

His raw intellect is inextricably linked to his emotional intelligence.

Add that to his intelligence and rational mindset and you get results.

John truly stands out for his intelligence and leadership abilities.

Very intelligent, knows his stuff and popular with all colleagues.

Supportive of his colleagues and intelligent with clear responses.

Clients always respond positively to his intelligent observations.

John inspires with his intelligence, strength and persistence.

John is an intelligent, articulate, and collaborative colleague.

He contributes intelligence and dedication to every undertaking.

He's effortless to collaborate with, insightful and intelligent.

His honesty, intelligence and straightforwardness was admirable.

He is insightful and dedicated as well as highly intelligent.

It was easy to see his tenacity, persistence, and intelligence.

Thoroughly recommended for his sense of fun with intelligence.

He's respected for his passion, intelligence, and commitment.

He's got the know-how, the energy and the intelligence to succeed.

But what stands out most of all about him is his emotional intelligence, thought leadership and dependability.

He is innovative and extremely intelligent, which is indicated in everything he does.

John on it was clear that he had the intelligence and drive to be successful.

He is intelligent, organized, diplomatic and always does what he says he will.

John really struck him as one who makes solid decisions, is very intelligent.

He's decisive and intelligent, but also down to earth and approachable.

He's also extremely intelligent and very motivated to do things right.

John is bright and intelligent; most importantly, he's dependable.

His intelligence and competence are appreciated at every juncture.

He is dependable, intelligent, and passionate about his endeavors.

At the same time, he is very intelligent and incredibly thorough.

He's intelligent, competent, experienced and very well rounded.

He is friendly, intelligent, and reminds everyone he meets.

He's willing to listen and makes quick, intelligent decisions.

Experienced, intelligent, precise and innovative - that's him.

He is insightful, intelligent, and his attitude is infectious.