Energy Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Energy Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is very good at what he does and knows the energy industry well to make impactful conferences.

His energy is second to none and his passion exceeds this energy twofold.

He offers his energy and insight with so much oomph and energy.

Being in a very competitive industry, his energy certainly makes him stand out.

His energy has been always high, so maybe he shifted to the right industry.

His energy and foresight are the driving forces behind his success in this industry.

His energy and passion for the online industry has been beneficial to not only him employed, but the industry as a whole.

John came into our industry with a lot of energy, drive and ambition.

John inspired him with the messages he preaches about the industry and beyond, and also with his amazing energy and enthusiasm.

He always seemed to have his finger on the pulse of the industry, and his passion, energy and dedication were contagious.

He understands our industry and offers great enthusiasm and energy to his audience.

His connections and insight in the energy industry has been wonderful to draw upon.

He brings energy and fresh ideas to a very "traditional" industry.

His energy and will to be the best was felt not only by him but everyone around him.

He is truly passionate about what he does, and inspires others with his energy.

Talking to him can give you new energy to think of your own new possibilities.

His energy is infectious and he goes above and beyond, just because he can.

He gets along well with everyone and has the energy to tackle any request.

He brings his energy with him and always has more than enough to go around.

This always helped his teammates to think more clearly and with new energy.

He has the most wonderful energy and does everything he can to delight.

He adds value to everything he does through his energy and enthusiasm.

John is best known for his energy; he is an extraordinary"go getter".

He has huge energy, and always does what he's said he's going to do.

Not only did he take on the challenge, he did it with great energy.

John is neither, as he actually has the ability to multiply energy.

Somehow he was never out of energy, and was relentlessly positive.

He always seems to have more energy and optimism than anyone else.

His energy helps everyone around him to get where they need to go.

John's passion and energy is something we have never seen before.

Let's just say he brings energy to just about everything he does.

He's seen literally every angle of what one can do within energy.

To say that his energy was infectious would be an understatement.

John has so much energy, is really smart and gets things done.

He's always up and brings the energy up on everyone around him.

People around him always inspired about his energy and passion.

He does this with an energy and passion that's truly inspiring.

That energy compelled everyone to go above and beyond for him.

His energy is limitless and he gets things done with purpose.

His energy and optimism just seem to help make things happen.

John brings to the industry an abundance of energy invigorating and motivating those around him.

Him drive allows him to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face in the energy industry.

His commitment to his clients is only surpassed by his energy and love for the industry.

His passion for the industry in infectious and when you work with him you are inspired by his energy.

Never once did he lose his energy or passion for the materials, our positions and industry.

John has the energy of several people put together and he applies that energy to any and everything he does.

His energy, intellect and energy just sweep people off their feet.

The Valley's members still ask for him and miss his energy so much.

He understands the needs of the modern energy industry and is a superb negotiator.

He brought a sunny disposition and an industrial energy with him every day.

His digests have been key in moving the renewable energy industries forward.

John also has the most remarkable enthusiasm and energy for everything that he gets involved with - whether in the television and film industries or in other sectors.

His energy and passion for his industry make him so approachable, as he is always happy to answer questions and help in any way he can.

John brings energy and fun to all that he does while still being able to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

His tremendous energy has fostered the discussion, and provided comprehensive coverage of the search industry.

John possesses an incredible amount of energy, passion and sense of commitment to the industry.

John is incredibly intuitive to an industry and has a great passion and energy for what he does.

John's reach across industry execs is second only to the energy he invests in the role.

The energy for what he does is directly reflected in his people.

And of course him energy and excitement in each and every job.