Engineering Program Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Engineering Program Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

That was appreciated, especially by those who, like him, were graduating from the program.
The program would not have been such a success without him and it definitely would not have been as much fun.
We could not have gotten the program to completion without him significant contributions.
John frequently went above and beyond his responsibilities for the good of the program.
There wasn't one question about any aspect of the program that he could not answer.
John is very good operationally with the program for which he is responsible.
This resulted in his program having some of the best outcomes in the state.
John workplace would be well-rewarded for bringing him into their program.
John's determination throughout our college program was truly inspiring.
John's contributions to this successful program cannot be overstated.
The next morning we rolled out his program and saw immediate results.
John's involvement definitely contributed to the program's success.
These programs and the way we ran them all started from his ideas.
This can be seen by the very low churn rates his programs have.
He always asked questions and excelled throughout the program.
He also introduced him to several other students in the program.
John showed himself as an involved participant of the program.
Upon his start on the program, he immediately made an impact.
John is very determined to see everyone succeed in his programs.
John will be an asset to any company looking for a program manager that knows how to deliver.
He successfully managed several large and complex programs for our group.
John is hired out of college into a management trainee program.
He is a true asset to his company and the programs he manages.
His leadership and knowledge of programming helped him to become a much better engineer.
John is not only an excellent program manager, he's a respected people manager as well.
John is a very methodical program manager who ensures he is able to deliver programs on-time and within budget.
As a strong program manager, he was sometimes thrust into crisis programs to quickly solve, address, and correct.
His capacity to manage complex, independent programs is unsurpassed.
John truly is a rare commodity at our company - both an excellent people manager and program manager.
He consistently advocates for engineers within the management organization.
He helped him to open his eyes in new areas of engineering and management.
It is truly an honour to know him and to be part of this program.
He took charge of a massive engineering program and has been driving it forward.
He connected very well with the audience and made the whole program very interactive.
John took great responsibility for setting up and managing his vendors and the programs they ran.
He made us feel welcomed to the program and managed to enforce the decision we made.
Strongly recommend all hoteliers to join his revenue management programs.
John would be a true asset for any positions requiring leadership in program management or engineering and comes with his recommendation.
A lot of his efforts today are being used as best practices for other programs as well as new and up-coming programs.
John is the engineering manager you base job descriptions on.
John managed multiple programs at the same time in different parts of the world.
Like a good engineer, he's focused on engineering out the problems (preventative steps) before they have to be managed.
He is articulate and had the respect of all of him hiring managers and the engineers he spoke with.
John's professionalism is of the highest calibre, and he is very effective at both engagement management and program management.
He can be quite detailed and can also work well in program management space.
John also took on the task of creating and managing an employee anniversary recognition program.
John in an experienced and highly competent program and line manager.
Karpagavinayagam provided strong program management leadership for the engineering team he worked with.
John collaborates with his program managers and system engineers to identify and define solutions.
He took spearheaded this effort and the program wouldn't be where it is today without his effort.
The program was exceptional and himself and all his colleagues gained so much from participating.
Feel free also to contact him if you have further questions about the efficacy of the programs.
John brings it all and will pull all the pieces together to make your program successful.
Several of their programs sold out in the first year of his efforts which is astounding.
He can help explain programs and concepts to others in a way that all can understand.
John does not accept "adequate" for any program under him scope of responsibility.
He also went on to start similar programs with other institutes around the world.
Clients are making more money thanks to him forethought and program initiatives.
He truly is a catalyst that made so many of our programs successful this year.
His program has helped him to get back on track and re-establish his confidence.