Engineering Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Engineering Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has a wealth of engineering, construction and project management experienced that he shares freely with his project team.
He have a good knowledge of electrical engineering and know how to manage the project.
John's leadership sets the benchmark that we as engineers and project installation managers strived to achieve.
He combines his engineering know-how with superior project management skills to deliver projects on time and consistent with expectations.
John managed his own projects, cooperating with project managers and engineers across departments to finish his product safety projects within time, scope and budget.
His skill as an engineer and a manager were crucial to the success of the project.
He managed his projects by focusing on the big picture and allowing his engineers to come up with the detailed solutions.
He excels at project management, engineering development, architecture, and people management.
He is an excellent engineer in negotiation, project management, he was very capable in managing multiple complex projects, training and presenting to mixed audiences were also strengths.
He provides the best in engineering and installation that his high end projects require.
Basically, his supervision and management capabilities are outstanding, either within the engineering phases or on the project construction manners.
John truly valued the importance of technical depth, often soliciting input from engineers and project managers to ensure the success of the project.
He does an incredible job engineering, managing, and communicating his projects, and his passion is infectious.
As an engineer, it's important for him to be working with a project manager that can understand his point of view.
He does not micro-manage and allows the engineering team enough leeway.
John's capability to manage an engineering team is outstanding.
This is a golden edge between decision freedom of an engineer and strong management of a project where he is involved.
He is great at managing multiple projects simultaneously as well as the cycles the engineers have available in order to get things done at a very aggressive pace while ensuring that outcome of every project he manages beats expectations.
He offered engineered solutions for solar projects in an effective manner.
He set him up to succeed in his projects with his vast engineering knowledge and expertise.
He worked on projects as well as mentored others in the engineering group.
John's energy and enthusiasm always brought life to the projects that he managed.
As a project manager, he's both personable and tough as he manages various vendors to make their deadlines.
John helped him with specific training requirements for project management.
He successfully functioned as both the manufacturing engineer and as project manager on these implementations.
He took over inventory management workflows and handled video engineering projects effectively.
John filled crucial sales, engineering & project management roles for us in the beginning.
He can approach problems as an engineer and at the same time manage large projects from early conceptualization to finished deliverables.
As the project manager for the project he ensured that dependencies were being established and supported by their respective teams to ensure movement through the project.
John also offered a strong mentorship to him to help him in his career as an engineering manager.