Engineering Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Engineering Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He values their passion and skills, and encourages them to do what they do best - engineer.

Needless to say, his skills in the engineering discipline are very sharp and progressive.

With his core engineering skills, he has succeeded in most of his assignments.

Goncalo is well known for his unique skills in search engine optimization.

His engineering abilities are second only to his coffee-making skills.

John has been a driven engineer always looking to sharpen his skills.

His excellent engineering skills always proved to be invaluable.

His skills as composer and as audio engineer have no competitor.

Added to this, he also has good structural engineering skills.

He is a very skilled engineer, with a passion for doing an excellent job, learning new skills, and perfecting the skills he has.

What makes him valuable is, in addition to his engineering skills, he has a pleasant disposition, absolutely exemplary listening skills.

John demonstrated serious leadership skills during his first years as an engineer.

He demonstrated above average interpersonal and engineering skills.

His engineering, managerial and people skills are exceptional.

John's got the rare balance of engineering and people skills.

John's entrepreneurial skills are immediately obvious as well as his engineering achievements.

His prototyping skills are unparalleled and his expertise with our engine is second to none.

John's expertise and skills with search engine optimization are definitely second to none.

His most impressive skill is his meticulous and disciplined approach towards engineering.

John is a highly skilled engineer, but more importantly, he knows how to get things done.

John's skill-set is built on the foundation of his engineering background.

He applies good engineering skills while trying to tackle the problem.

John is a passionate engineer with both dev & graphics skills.

Additionally, he is very analytical and thorough in his problem solving skills as an engineer.

John has analytical skills that set him apart from many engineering counterparts.

With his discipline in engineering, his analytical skills are outstanding.

John also has the skills necessary to quantify as well as drive the value of engineered solutions.

His attitude and skill will compliment any engineering department.

His skills, not only encompass that of engineering, but include excellent communication skills when interacting with engineers in other countries and across other disciplines.

He lifted up everyone around him, and was excellent at helping new engineers grow their skills.

John is an excellent engineer, motivated, proactive and highly skilled.

His malware analysis & reverse engineering skills are excellent.

In other words, he has skills and a willingness to pull in other engineers when an engineering problem warrants it.

He effectively uses his engineering knowledge and skills in his assignments.

John outshines other engineers with his communication skills.

John is an amazing engineer that has equally outstanding people skills.

His skills in engineering come naturally to him and anyone employing him will not go wrong in such a choice.

His skills quickly became well known on the engineering side which resulted in them steeling him.

His engineering skills are top notch, and he's open to ideas and experimentation.

With his superb skills, he mentored inexperienced engineers throughout the year.

John possesses excellent skills in delivering reversed engineered drawings.

John has consistently demonstrated his engineering skills in whatever task he was given.

John's experience and skill would be highly valuable in any serious engineering environment.

Those combined skills are a rarity amongst engineers, in his experience.

John's skill as an engineer, and as a programmer, were very impressive.

He recognizes skill sets of engineers and employs them in tasks that need to accomplish.

His engineering skills allow him to solve almost any problem in a short period of time.

He also has a can-do attitude, and a broad variety of engineering skills.

His skills as a sound engineer were evident to even laymen like him.

His engineers are skilled and driven to achieve high results.

John, it will be his grasping power and his skill as a born engineer.

His honesty and integrity is second only to his incredible engineering skills - and not by much.

Same time he is a very skilled engineer with valuable background in various areas.

He showed himself as a reliable, motivated, skilled and self-driven engineering.

For an escalation engineer, he has the absolute right skills by remaining calm and focused on the issue.

When he throws his search engine optimization skills into the mix, the results are impressive.

His patience and listening skills make him ideal for solving very complex engineering issues.

He understands engineering and uses his skills in a very good way to always be a step ahead.

He curated the work for engineers of various skill sets to keep us from being idle.

He is quite good at his technical and engineering skills and am sure he will do well where ever he goes.