Event Coordinator LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Event Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He not only organized and coordinated, but also was instrumental in promoting the sold out event.
The event went off very well and he was such an engaging and inspiring speaker.
John makes sure all the components of the event are prepared for success.
He keeps up with the current events and shares them at the meetings.
John would be a fantastic brand ambassador or live event coordinator.
John knows everyone, and if you're at an event where he doesn't know anyone, at the end of the event, he'll have the most business cards and contacts.
He also very successfully coordinated the large teams required to pull off these events.
He makes taking classes an adventure and an event to look forward to each day.
It was an eye-opener after his presentation at our last event.
He demonstrated leadership in taking over events as moderator.
We would like to sincerely thank him for his contribution to our event.
John knows his stuff, and he makes any event better just by being there.
John would be the right choice for your next event or conference.
He stepped up and went above and beyond to make the event remarkable.
If you can get him, your event will be elevated by his contribution.
John we could have the honor to have him back for our future events.
He thought through the event and made sure everything went smoothly.
Venues are second to none and they complimented his event perfectly.
He knew what was happening since he was with him during the event.
John not only achieved it, he maintained it throughout the event.
During the event he was always available, approachable and helpful.
He always comes back with many ideas for the events we are doing.
If you need to get connected to someone or an event he is the man.
He knew exactly what to ask for and what he wanted at his event.
Had an opportunity to know him during one of the startup events.
Collaborating with him on events was rewarding and enlightening.
And about providing value - event if he gets nothing in return.
He never went ahead with an event just for the sake of doing it.
Looking forward to have tons of more events with him in future.
When he sent it out it gained immediate interest in our event.
Without his initiative, these events would have never happened.
John has been the glue that's kept both of these events going.
John to see him again on our upcoming events around the world.
We would have no hesitation in recommending him for any event.
John is an events coordinator/manager/creator extraordinaire.
We could not have had as successful an event without his help.
His talk was also considered one of the best for this event.
Hire him for your next event if you want moments to remember.
If you want your event to make an impact, then you have to go to our company.
Without him, our event in our company wouldn't be so successful.
John understands event coordination and is able to take charge and direct an event with a high degree.
John is great to work with on coordinating meetings and events.
There were no surprises for the speakers since he was thorough in coordinating every aspect of the event, even down to the seating arrangement.
This is evidenced by the fact that he also coordinates many smaller events in between our reunions to keep us all connected.
Planning and coordinating multiple events and launches was something he did with ease and a sense of purpose.
John is good at coordinating and organizing large group events and well-liked by those he serves.
Additionally, he has been responsible for setting up and coordinating the conference social event.
He coordinated between the different stakeholders and led the planning for the event.
He superbly handles all the details and coordinates many wonderful events.
John is a master of ceremony and incredible event coordinator.
John came on board four weeks before the event and was instrumental to the success of the event.
John would routinely coordinate volunteer events for his marines.
John's job was to negotiate and coordinate with the organizers all the elements of the event.
He handled budgets, coordinated partnerships and subsequent meetings, organized event coordinators and made it look easy.
We met before the event and he was sure to understand what we were asking of him, and he exceeded our expectations after the event was over.
The success of his events provides confidence for others to entrust their events organization to him.
He wrote the leaderboard spec for our lockbox event which is currently our most profitable event.
Each event you are able to do that with the easy structure he has in place at each event.
John used to handle multiple events and webinar, running every event without any flaw.
John strives to both create exciting new events and grow existing events.
He runs the event like clockwork and brings humour to the event for all.
Those events were the most highly visible, and also the most successful events in our company's calendar.
John hosted this event for us, and he was exactly what we were looking for.
We got so many requests that he will be presenting at our next event.
If he is presenting at an event, you need to make sure you see him.
Take the stress out of your next event and let him take it on.
He is a well organized and thorough event planner and coordinator.
From proofreading the event invitations, to coordinating all vendors, he ran the event in a seamless fashion.
He organized all the events, coordinate the transportation/speakers/presentation/food, and had each meeting running very smoothly.
He's an expert at coordinating any size event, from very small to thousands of people.
When he is working an event he is literally coordinating hundreds of things at once.
He has always excelled at coordinating meetings and offering ideas to improve the events.
John helped coordinate several events during the five months we worked together.
The events and meetings that he coordinated were substantial and professional.
He coordinated events and afterward would collect feedback from everyone.
With his background in event coordination, he was a great fit.
As the coordinator of the event, he helped make the environment warm and conducive to learning.
He excels at coordinating events, and is flexible in shifting priorities when necessary.
Hire him for all of your event, wedding planning, event or convention needs - you'll be thrilled.
He went above and beyond all expectations and was there whenever we needed him all the way to the very last minute of the event.
John does what no other DJ does-goes above and beyond to make sure that each event is truly unforgettable for everyone involved.
We really appreciated his help just before our event whilst we were rushing around trying to get things done.
He prepares thoroughly, makes himself available before the event and comes ready for all possible outcomes.
Locals usually know the answers, but in the rare event he does not he will always know where to get them.
When things did not run right, he made sure we were aware so that it would be ready before the next event.
There was no one here to introduce him to the right contacts or to tell him which events he should go to.
If you are looking for someone to create an event that no one will soon forget, he will not disappoint.
He knows exactly how to get the best deal from suppliers and where to go for every aspect of an event.
He also offers options to consider-things you didn't think of to make the event even more memorable.
Without him, the event never would have happened, but thanks to him it was an incredible success.
During the event, he is always around, ready to help, and willing to take feedback on the spot.
John is friendly and he went out of his way to help him find the best speaker for an event.
He can magically incorporate the equipment, that has to be there, into the look of the event.
All events that he put together went extremely well, everything was beyond his expectations.
He provided images before leaving the event and followed up to make sure we were satisfied.
John is also very useful in helping him make contact with other attendees after the event.
Recovery from such a catastrophic event, could not have been possible without his efforts.
We could have listened to him for hours and will be inviting him to another of our events.
John makes things happen and without his help we couldn't have achieved two great events.
He always goes above and beyond to make sure events are a success for all participants.
He always kept him updated and was patiently following up to make the event successful.
John is more than a guest at the event, he is always willing to help out with anything.
He could see opportunities in events and promotions that most would never even consider.
He would keep us updated on everything when it came down to event dates and deadlines.
John wants your event to be successful and will do anything he can to ensure that end.
John is fantastic at what he does, he always delivers when asked for any event.
John also coped very well with the crises that occurred before and during the event.
Prioritizing and forecasting are some of his specialties when preparing for an event.
The pace with him introductions was just right and he really contributed to the event.
Several of them approached him and commented on how much they appreciated the events.
He challenged us, when we needed to be challenged, but did not take over the event.
Because of his commitment, we have been able to have some really successful events.
Right from the start, his enthusiasm about the cause and the event was outstanding.
His involvement made the event twice as effective as it would have otherwise been.
John ensured that this event was not about someone talking while others listened.
When it comes to being a friend, he is there to help you at every turn of events.
John, thanks for getting involved with our event last week, you are truly heroic
Frankly the events would not have happened without him diligence and persistence.
He would appear on his own time at various events and it was greatly appreciated.
They simply wouldn't be the same without his input, before and during each event.
It was really a beneficial and useful event, to both him and the other delegates.
If you need an event to come off without a hitch, he'll make sure you're happy.
Thanks to him stewardship it was one of our best awards events in recent memory.
John came and spoke at one of our events, he was nothing short of sensational.
If you are invited to an event with him, chances are it's not one to be missed.
When we first met him during the event, he was very welcoming and approachable.
John leadership will keep us looking to participate in these events each year.
Without his help, encouragement and enthusiasm the event would not be the same.
And many guests approached him to say thank you for including them in the event.
And, once your event is over, he is there to answer any additional questions.
John always makes sure that every event is perfect and exceeds expectations.
John is simply the best at what he does and every event is handled flawlessly.
People go to him so they do not have to worry about their event, big or small.
He will use any means at his disposal to make sure your event is spectacular.
He made sure that all aspects of the event were in place well ahead of time.
He does something very intriguing: he makes history seem like current events.
John will ensure that everyone involved in an event gets the most out of it.
He even made the trip to the first event to make sure that all ran smoothly.
He also volunteered to help out others with their events in his spare time.
All events went off successfully and it could not have happened without him.
After that event we used many time his help, always with excellent success.
John throughout multiple events, and he was always an absolute pleasure.
John one of his keynote sessions will mean your event will be the best yet.
John that next year's event will be at least at the same level as this year.
John is an outstanding speaker and you should hire him for your next event.
This gives him the ability to introduce him contacts at any of his events.
He has many challenges during the event, and he responded to each of them.
We were always complimented on our event presence, thanks to his efforts.
John spoke at one of his events and the group couldn't get enough of him.
He really did inspire us all at the event to have 'limitless boundaries.