Events Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Events Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John knows the event industry inside out and continually delivers beyond our expectations.
His follow through after each event is as good as the event itself.
He went out of his way to introduce us to contacts in the agriculture industry as well as provide us exposure at relevant industry events, increasing our presence and industry engagements.
John's reputation for providing exceptional events is known throughout the industry.
He's very industrious and keeps to him events and engagements very good.
He got it instantly and has delivered two outstanding events, with some of the best speakers in the industry.
He always keeps us in mind when he comes across opportunities or industry events that we should be aware of.
John always participates with passion to all industry events, being always involved and interested.
Got good contacts from his events and also learnt a lot about the industry.
His salesmanship and event industry experience is second to none.
His knowledge in the hospitality and event industry is exemplary.
Moreover, he's a lot of fun to hang out with at industry events.
Couldn't recommend him highly enough, and would also recommend you see him speak at industry events.
He totally understands the event industry, be it trade or consumer.
His commitment to the industry has lead him to organize workshops and industry events in which we both participated.
He served as the industry speaker at our various events where he was always engaging and motivational.
This certainly created significant industry momentum and drew him into the whole event and its success.
He will go above and beyond to make your event exceed expectations - a true gem in this industry.
He always participates in major industry conferences and events both as speaker and delegate.
His leadership and understanding on how to create a webinar event is the best in the industry.
He understands complex matters and is always current on events happening in the industry.
His honest criticism of industry events is also refreshing and useful.
The event is low key without the usual pressures of events such as our company.
If you're considering using him for your event - your search is over.
This event would not have been successful without his contribution.
Seek him out at a future industry event; you'll be delighted to hear what he has to say.
It is always a pleasure to meet him at industry events or at briefing sessions.
Those events were the most highly visible, and also the most successful events in our company's calendar.
Very experienced and knowledgeable about him industry events, he was key in ensuring a successful event.
He loves the industry, exhibits and speaks at many trade events.
Not only was he a great speaker, but great industry connector before the event and a full participant at the event.
His events are something that both himself and our employees have always look forward to.
He's one of those guys that you know you are going to see at every industry event, and he's always going to ask the for the sale.
He's done it all; knows all the mistakes that can be made, has every genius trick up his sleeves and is truly an event industry icon.
He's not hard to find though, because of his active industry involvement, you will probably see him at the next startup event.
His connections have also been invaluable, just being near him at an event connected him to industry leaders.
John's events, conferences and seminar set the highest standard in the advertising industry.
Presenting on our behalf at leading industry events, he has demonstrated both his value to the industry and his ability to help move it forward.
John puts this event together to the benefit of the entire industry, including his own competitors.
When things did not run right, he made sure we were aware so that it would be ready before the next event.
It is fair to say that without his help, this event would not have been nearly as successful as it was.
Without him, the event never would have happened, but thanks to him it was an incredible success.
John wants your event to be successful and will do anything he can to ensure that end.
Frankly the events would not have happened without him diligence and persistence.
It was really a beneficial and useful event, to both him and the other delegates.
He knows for sure how top connect the right entertainment to the right event.
We were always complimented on our event presence, thanks to his efforts.
Out of the gate, he took the initiative to get our event up and running.
The effort and attention given to his event were very much appreciated.
Went out of his way to do things that made the event a huge success.
Thanks to his efforts, we got really good coverage of the event.
His leadership and dedication to the search industry was very evident in every detail of each event.
John is always there to offer guidance on frameworks or discuss industry events, even when he was not his assigned principle.
He takes the time to absorb as much as he can about the bioenergy industry and is always on top of current events.
As a speaker at one of his events, you can be confident that you'll share the stage with genuine industry experts, and that you'll be extraordinarily well looked after before and throughout the event.
He is the person who everyone knows and respects, and he has been an institution in the events industry for decades.
It feels really good to see him among the eminent speakers at various international industry events.
His creativity, dedication & compassion to the event industry is highly respected.
People recognized that the event would not have gone as well if it weren't for his mastery on stage.
He engages the participants in such a way that they become one with the event.