Executive Creative Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Creative Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John came back with some very creative ideas which we loved and then he executed them well.
John combines this creativity with precise execution of the details.
What sets him apart as a creative executive is his ability to both contribute to and bridge the overall strategy and the creative.
Genuinely creative, he not only comes up with attention-getting campaigns, but also knows that it isn't creative if it doesn't get results.
John combines strategic vision and executional brilliance you expect in a creative director.
His drive for excellence from creative concept through execution was unparalleled.
He always impressed him and the clients with his creative concepts and execution.
His leadership inspires and drives creative and consistent execution.
Icare was a great help in executing ad creatives for his campaigns.
His work over the last several months has been outstanding, both creative and very well executed.
A creative force with the appropriate planning and discipline to see his ideas executed and executed well.
Provided guidance and then allowed him to execute with independence and creativity.
And while many people have connections, what matters is creativity and execution and here is where he really shines.
From creative ideation to execution, he gets the job done, quickly and efficiently.
His ideas are creative and refreshing; he knows how to execute to get the job done.
John thought creatively in identifying opportunities and executing against the goals.
John is a hardworking, reliable and creative casting director.
John planned and executed that conference with confidence and creativity.
Apart from being creative, he is also a good wrt execution and planning.
Him creative approaches have been followed by immediate lift-off in execution during him engagements for him.
John organized our campaigns brilliantly and executed them with creativity and effectiveness.
He provides creative ideas and thoughtful execution of the tasks at-hand.
He is always blowing him away with creative, spot on ideas and then he turns right around and executes them flawlessly.
He can simultaneously think about strategy, creative and execution, bringing them together into something exquisite.
His creative ideas in executing the images to the big screen were beyond his expectations.
He's a creative thinker and he knows how to roll his sleeves up and execute flawlessly.
His insights into strategy, creative executions was also on target and much appreciated.
His creative ideas and zest for perfect execution set him apart from other colleagues.
He brings fresh, creative ideas to the table, and then executes on them successfully.
His unique ideas, creativity and execution are the attributes that stand out for him.
The creative ideas and execution concepts he brings to brainstorms is admirable.
Because of that he is respected by executive and creative staff alike.
John executes his analysis with integrity, creativity and sensitivity.
He's strategic, creative and drives execution better than anyone.
Not only can he come up with his own creative content ideas, but he can execute on them with perfection.
John consistently brings excellent creative solutions, beginning with the strategy all the way through the creative execution.
His expertise makes his job as a creative director much easier.
John's creative instincts rival the best creative directors, but it's his willingness to stand up for what he believes that sets him apart.
Events he has organized and thrown have been extremely creative in their presentation and execution.
He not only drives creative ideas forward to make them the best they can be, he guides creatives to ideas and executions that are infinitely better than the original thought.
His leadership, client insight, attitude, and creativity are infectious, particularly with executives and creative leadership.
John functioned as his creative director and did an excellent job.
John will never say no, instead he comes up with creative solutions.
His creative flair and attention to detail are shown thoroughly in his executions.
He combines strong determination with creativity and executes well.
John certainly brings more to the table than creativity - but it is his creativity that keeps you engaged.
He is a brilliant director, producer, writer and creative director.
He's truly collaborative, and not afraid to get his hands into everything from strategy, to create, to execution.
John has impeccable follow up and is always coming up with creative and innovative ideas that we can execute.
John should be an inspiration to all for him innovation, creativity and execution of great looking' ideas.
Him videography and creative execution are second to none and he always goes the extra mile for his clients.
It's a given that he's creative when it comes to conceptualizing of campaigns and can execute big ideas.
John is capable of both following creative directions, and conceptualizing and executing his own vision.
His judgment is spot on when it comes to conceptualizing and executing creatively challenging tasks.
John passionate about the cause, the creativity and the execution that helps his clients succeed.
He is a smart, energetic and creative executive who will go out of his way for him clients.
He's definitely creative, innovative, and pushes hard for results via relentless execution.
His creativity and leadership was instrumental in this successful and timely execution.
John has been a high potential executive who is very creative and analytical.
He listens, analyzes carefully and executes with fresh lively creativity.