Executive Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

An executive who can see beyond his nose, very strong on execution, honest in his relationships.
His guidance has helped him become a happily successful executive director.
He also took his direction and made sure that it was executed.
He would also be a welcome addition to any executive team or board of directors.
As an executive director, he was a role model and example to aspire to.
We all came away from our interaction with him better people and executives.
He's a top drawer executive and there's really no way to imagine him as anything other than the best of the best as an executive leader.
Additionally, he followed executive orders with little oversight.
His focus on collaboration makes these initiatives executable.
His thoughtfulness and ability to execute makes him a well rounded executive that will benefit any organization.
Management and executives, being known for his focus and drive for success.
John will thoroughly execute any given tasks with enthusiasm and focus.
He is always willing to go above and beyond and executes on everything that he is a part of.
If there was anything he didn't know, he learned it quickly and executed effectively.
His experience both shows in his thoughts, but also in his executions.
John came onto the board in a communications role, but eventually took over as executive director.
But, most importantly, he has the capability of implementation and execution.
The changes which he implements are executed effectively and with clarity.
Members appreciate his ability to execute ideas through to implementation.
John used to come up with new ideas and execute those in timely fashion.
From there, he oversaw the implementation and execution of these ideas.
His solutions and code were always well considered and executed.
When it comes to execution he's heading down and will get it done.