Executive Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Every executive and manager that spoke with him had positive feedback.
He knows how to manage and execute his duties extremely efficiently.
A hands on manager one could trust him to execute with confidence.
His approach to the task at hand was well managed and executed.
John is an outstanding manager with a hard nose for execution.
He is also a good manager, he gave the necessary guidance to his executives.
John task put before him, he was quickly able to manage and execute.
John keeps the relationships with his executives and subordinates satisfying and well managed.
He helped the executives in our company with some of our organizational and management issues.
He allows individuals to execute to goals without excessive micro-management.
He's very dedicated with his task and always manage to execute it well.
He can manage teams and he can also roll up his sleeves and execute.
He provides leadership in creating and managing plans to execution.
John is firm but fair in his management of the executive team.
He's great in dealing with management, then executes the plan.
He enabled us to restructure how we manage, plan and execute.
John is an outstanding executive management team contributor.
John really executed primary management and leadership role in the organization.
The execution of his ideas will be something to watch and take notes.
He always finds the best possible exposures for him executives as well as the company and managed those opportunities successfully.
He's got an uncanny ability to recognize what needs to be included and how it will be perceived by the executive management.
He sells well, manages others well, and provides excellent insight and advice to his fellow executives.
His execution was flawless and ensured that all deadlines and expectations were managed and exceeded.
John's ability to manage the execution of the global initiative was nothing short of impressive.
He's the consummate entrepreneur, but he also has a solid background in management and execution.
His ability to simultaneously manage various initiatives with flawless execution is inspiring.
His ability to manage multiple stakeholders, the ecosystem, and execution is exemplary.
He comes with perfect balance between strategy and execution, leadership and management.
Simply stated he is a great executer with the ability to manage to profitability.
Finally, he did join our company and rapidly rose to executive management roles.
When it comes to executive leadership and management, he is a role model.
Another is his ability to execute, manage the staff, and make it happen.
He manages to get important things done that others think are out of reach, then he executes them well.
He interacts well with executives and is a very strong manager of people.
John organization would be lucky to have him on their executive management team.
He never feels as he is a manager, mingles with the team as well as management to execute tasks.
John's executive management experience is clearly evidenced and acknowledged by all.
He effectively managed up the executive chain and down to individual contributors.
His executive staff's loyalty to him is continuously evident and, as such, the executive managers here also have very loyal employees.
He does not micromanage, rather than empowers you to manage yourself, and to introduce + execute your own innovative ideas.
John is truly one of the great managers and executives, and he is certain to be an incredible asset to any organization.
John balanced all of those conflicting elements while getting the buy-in of executives and managers around the world.
Projects he manages are organized and well thought out, making them easier to execute and more effective.
Furthermore, he is very successful managing subordinates to execute the required tasks and beyond.
He executed his deliverables with the highest proficiency and with excellent time management.
John's years of experience in executing management would make him an asset to any organization.
John's the type of manager and mentor you hope for, both as an executive and an employee.
He managed executives' expectations and delivered an efficient and attractive campaign.
He takes complete ownership of the task and manage to execute better that expected.
He successfully managed all different distributed stakeholders and executed in time.
John possesses a well rounded expertise in many areas of executive management.
His organization and managing capability are an asset for successful execution.
John can manage, execute and get tangible results always in a timely manner.
John excels in sustainable leadership and executive management practices.
John managed to execute this program with remarkable success.
He works well with executive management and always has something beneficial to bring to the table.
He communicated efficiently with other managerial and executives to keep everyone on the same page.
His ability to work across all layers of executive management is truly exceptional.
Finally, he is quite comfortable working with managers at the executive level.
John is a capable and creative manager for executive searches.