Executive Personal Assistant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Personal Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's a strong idea person who knows how to take the concepts through to execution and iteration.
John always impressed him with his down-to-earth personality and yet a killing execution style.
John is a person you can count on - he gets it at both the executive and "street" levels.
John simply gets it and is a rare person as he also can execute ideas very quickly.
John has been a hugely useful person to have on his network and always a great person to go to for assistance.
His execution excellence made him a person you would want to work with, a person you can trust and rely on.
You can always be sure that what he delivers is well thought out and well executed.
His outgoing personality, positive outlook towards things made execution, smooth every time.
John is everything a person could want in an executive coach.
John is a highly personable person who is always ready to help even at odd times, and he always executes all requests swiftly and competently.
If he wasn't able to help him directly, he quickly got the person involved that could provide his assistance.
He also made himself available to help other executives when they needed assistance with reports and submissions.
John is a very personable person who has always been keen to share his knowledge and assist people as much as he can.
He always came around (in person which was nice) after resolution to make sure things were resolved and was willing to assist if needed.
A person that goes the extra mile in his pursuit to do his very best for the company he serves and to those who need his assistance.
Him easy going and friendly personality always made him feel comfortable to ask for advice or assistance.
His personality and eagerness to assist you to find a resolution to your issues/concerns is phenomenal.
He also had no qualms about assisting if a student came to him with personal problems.
Above all, his wonderful personality allows him to maximize the value of his team and execute his vision.
As a person, he is the kind of person, people love to be around with.
This has made him very valuable to him personally as a sounding board for executive decisions.
John for executive positions, especially those in dealing with multiple cultures, personalities and achieving deadlines.
He introduces new ideas into the company and personally pushes to help others in the company to execute on these ideas.
He always stood out as the person in our company most likely to create something new - and critically, execute it fully.
He has, with absolute consistency, executed, whatever request was made with speed, efficacy, and personal consideration.
John's personal approach and passion are complemented by a style of execution that is unprecedented.
John is an excellent executive person, extremely dedicated and focused on achieving results.
John is an executive leader with amazing skillset that is hard to be found in one person.
John has held most every executive position that a person could serve in a lifetime.
He takes personal responsibility for excellence in execution and is a proven winner.
John is a "consider it done" person, both in terms of strategy and execution.
John is consistently professional and capable as an executive assistant.
At the personal level, he is a great person who is ethical and collaborative.
Great personality and have often passed him details on to colleagues to assist their requirements.
John is always the person that executed each function with all passion needed to reach success.
He is a take charge and get the job done person, all the while dedicated to excellence in execution.
He is proactive person that seeks out solutions and diligently executes all tasks.
He is the tactful person what is very important for executive search practice.
John is an employee and a person of character that is always ready and willing to assist you in whatever way possible.
He is reliable and is one person who is open to new ideas and can assist someone at all hours when in need.
He seems to know instinctively when a person needs some guidance or assistance and when to just stand back.
John started as his personal assistant, but quickly became his right arm and we hired him on.
Always with an eye to assisting others, he is engaging and a great person to know.
He is like a personal digital assistant with all the answers.
He is cooperative and assist with anything that needed to be done with the execution of the events.
He is very personable and gets along with all kinds of people.
John is both a "big picture" person as well as someone who can drill down and execute the details.
Him execution of complex initiatives underscores him driven and detailed personality.
John is the go-to person on his team and always willing to jump in and provide assistance.
John is a great professional and person, calm personality and very dedicated executing any task.
He is an action oriented person and not very patient with delays in execution.
Furthermore, he very well knows and appreciated by his determination and execution for success.
He always goes above and beyond to identify the right candidates for our executive searches.
As an executive, he knows how to delegate and how to escalate with style.
These attributes allow him to be successful in executing on efforts.
His assignments would be well executed within the set deadline.
John is so much more than your typical executive search firm.
He does a great job in assisting executives with the clarity of their missions.
The stew had been always that person who could be relied upon to execute any task diligently and with a smile on his face.
John is an exceptionally diligent and execution-focused person with an infectious positive attitude.