Executive Recruiter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He possesses strong insight on executive recruiting and leadershaping.
Him approach as an executive recruiter is warm, insightful and fun.
His sterling reputation as an executive recruiter precedes him.
He's a top notch recruiting executive that can handle any challenge.
John's demeanor, approach and execution of recruiting talent was flawless.
For those of you that have lived through the executive search process, his comments above are hard to find in an executive recruiter.
His ability and recruiting talents are detailed and well executed.
John recently recruited and placed him in an executive position with a software company.
Him team, augmented sourcing and recruitment of executive search.
His knowledge of recruiting healthcare executives has helped him tremendously.
Specifically, from the recruiting side, he works collaboratively with us and is focused on recruiting, and more importantly closing, the best possible executives for his portfolio companies.
His expertise, integrity and creativity sets him apart from other executive recruiters.
John does an excellent job of executing an effective recruiting program.
John is an executive recruiter and he is always committed to finding the right fit for him client.
John stands out among recruiters for his attention to detail, speed of execution and follow-through.
His recruiting at the executive levels are extremely detailed and spot on.
You can trust him to execute any recruiting agenda you set forth with professionalism and tact.
John is very experienced in executive recruitment and he is especially helpful with prepping clients for interviewing for executive-level positions.
John has made recruiting a long term career and he now has his own executive search firm.
He helped to give him the much needed success boost in his executive recruitment career.
As an executive recruiter, he is efficient and easy to communicate with (and contact).
He knows all aspects and secrets of a successful executive recruitment process.
For added context, executive recruiters, like him, are known for their ability to get to know people they've never met face-to-face.
Most executives recruited through him had high potential for growth, performing above expectations.
His sense of urgency and ability to execute his recruiting plan brings results.