Executive Recruiter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He possesses strong insight on executive recruiting and leadershaping.
Him approach as an executive recruiter is warm, insightful and fun.
His sterling reputation as an executive recruiter precedes him.
He's a top notch recruiting executive that can handle any challenge.
John's demeanor, approach and execution of recruiting talent was flawless.
For those of you that have lived through the executive search process, his comments above are hard to find in an executive recruiter.
His ability and recruiting talents are detailed and well executed.
John recently recruited and placed him in an executive position with a software company.
Him team, augmented sourcing and recruitment of executive search.
His knowledge of recruiting healthcare executives has helped him tremendously.
Specifically, from the recruiting side, he works collaboratively with us and is focused on recruiting, and more importantly closing, the best possible executives for his portfolio companies.
His expertise, integrity and creativity sets him apart from other executive recruiters.
John does an excellent job of executing an effective recruiting program.
John is an executive recruiter and he is always committed to finding the right fit for him client.
John stands out among recruiters for his attention to detail, speed of execution and follow-through.
His recruiting at the executive levels are extremely detailed and spot on.
You can trust him to execute any recruiting agenda you set forth with professionalism and tact.
John is very experienced in executive recruitment and he is especially helpful with prepping clients for interviewing for executive-level positions.
John has made recruiting a long term career and he now has his own executive search firm.
He helped to give him the much needed success boost in his executive recruitment career.
As an executive recruiter, he is efficient and easy to communicate with (and contact).
He knows all aspects and secrets of a successful executive recruitment process.
For added context, executive recruiters, like him, are known for their ability to get to know people they've never met face-to-face.
Most executives recruited through him had high potential for growth, performing above expectations.
His sense of urgency and ability to execute his recruiting plan brings results.
He will most certainly be his go to recruiter in the future with no hesitation.
Unfortunately, many other recruiters don't do these basic things, but he does.
We have used several recruiters in the past and he is at the top of his list.
Naturally, he has the ability to recruit from in between those two positions.
John did what is great, but not often seem within recruitment - he listened.
He says that he recruits rock stars, but he is truly one in his own right.
He is articulate in his approach and knows what he is doing when recruiting.
John often went above and beyond his recruiting role to make everyone happy.
He is an extraordinary recruiter who knows exactly what he is looking for.
If you are fortunate enough to recruit him, make sure you never let him go.
You'd be daft not to use him and you'll be taking twice as long to recruit.
Wishing him success in bringing out the best from those that he recruits.
Happy to recruited here and wish him all the best in his future endeavour.
John went far beyond what anyone would normally expect from a recruiter.
He understands the needs in recruiting and has always been complimentary.
Really has his recommendation, as he stood out amongst other recruiters.
You would do well to seek him him out first if you ever need a recruiter.
He is clear in his objectives and made himself available to recruiters.
John is not only what a recruiter should be but he was much much more.
Thanks to him, our recruitments have become faster and more efficient.
He's the genuine article and you can't say that about many recruiters.
As far as recruitment goes, he is right up there with the rest of them.
He took the time to understand his needs, there's no better recruiter.
This is what makes him the guy to help you with your recruiting needs.
For someone new to the recruitment arena, he made an immediate impact.
Johnr knows his companies and recruits only those who are qualified.
We would definitely go to him in the future for our recruiting needs.
In the past, his experience with recruiters hasn't been so enjoyable.
John sets himself apart from other recruiters through his manner.
He came in and completely took on the recruiting responsibilities.
But he has taught him more than just the fundamentals of recruiting.
John has been recruiting for us for years and has always delivered.
When he could not help, he contacted another recruiter who could.
If you are ever in need of recruitment expert, he is who you need.
Several recruits went out of their way to tell us how great he is.
The standards for recruiting have just gone up with him in the mix.
He provided him with sensitivity that is rarely seen in recruiters.
John is his recruiter and he is very understanding and helpful.
This had really made very efficient his recruitment within Polycom
He definitely knows recruitment has proven himself with the results
John has continued to be successful where ever he has recruited.
He's also very intuitive which makes him an excellent recruiter.
This was very helpful to himself and the other college recruiters.
John's passion for recruiting comes through in all that he does.
He knows everything recruiting and he excels at whatever he does.
Give him your recruitment brief today: you won't be disappointed.
John has gone above and beyond his expectations as a recruiter.
John is an excellent recruiter with who really knows his stuff.
His value and contribution to the company is beyond recruitment.
John should be the template for the profession of recruiting
John actually was involved in recruiting himself to the company.
When he first started with us, he had no recruiting experience.
When recruited he was clearly superior to all other candidates.
You would be extremely fortunate to have him as your recruiter.
His ability to do so will take him far in the recruiting world.
If you want to find and win someone over, he's your recruiter.
He tells it like it is, from the inside view of the recruiter.
You can't help but be inspired by his enthusiasm for recruitment.
He came into our organization and jumped right into recruiting.
Him and the other recruiters were very in-tune with our needs.
He really did understand our needs as it comes to recruitment.
Again, something that is rare in his opinion among recruiters.
John organisation which recruits he will get value for money.
It was apparent then that he was going places in recruitment.
John is not your typical recruiter, in the best way possible.
Our company has gone out of its way to recruit John into the company.
Our company, our company Knowledge, which says he is not just another recruiter.
John took these challenges in stride and formulated and executed our end-to-end recruiting strategy.
He's extremely knowledgeable, very detail oriented, and executes, executes, executes on his plan.
He taught him the executive recruitment business inside and out.
Unlike many visionaries he is also grounded in how to actually accomplish things and how to recruit the people necessary for that execution in whatever situation.
John recruited him for a role and we later worked together on recruiting for several opportunities.
His insight on not only how to recruit, but who to recruit was a refreshing change from the norm.
Not only is he the hardest working recruiter, but him recruiting ability is second to none.
He has experienced working with executive, exempt and non-exempt recruiting.
However, he also knows how to execute, because he has done it and done it well.
John himself is one and it has been wonderful to have him as his recruiting partner.
He is one of the recruiters that always has more referrals than you can count.
You can be sure that someone, somewhere is trying hard to recruit him.
He'll always be his recruiter, wherever he happens to be working.
He is also involved in executive recruiting and will do everything he can find jobs for those that are looking to move from where they are or recently unemployed.
John is a dedicated recruiter and has a passion to learn and execute.
As an executive recruiter, networking is absolutely critical to his success.
John is a gifted recruiter and knows every possible candidate in the fields in which he recruits.
He interacted with him very closely in order to execute his recruitment needs.
Admitting that what we do as recruiters is something he could never do, he is our biggest advocate.
John looks for solutions in his recruiting and does not make excuses.
For any organisation looking for a dedicated recruiter who is totally committed to what he does and who will take the headache out of recruitment.
John asked the questions that most other recruiters don't, its these questions and this insight that made the recruitment so easy and quick.
John is the sort of recruiter that recruiters are supposed to be: he is diligent, thorough, and extremely responsive.
He is one of those rare recruiters that stays in touch with the executives he has placed long after the deal is done.
He goes way beyond any recruiter would in trying to find the perfect match for a position that he is recruiting for.
With his deep recruiting and leadership expertise, he has taught him how to become a better recruiter and employee.
He displayed tremendous passion for recruiting and had all the right traits that make for a great recruiter.
John brings a refreshing approach to recruiting that is quite valuable for both the company and the recruit.
As a recruiter he is extremely aware of things which makes effective recruitment with successful results
This manner makes him reliable and different from other recruiters at a foreign-based recruiting agency.
John quickly picked up the basics of recruitment and established himself as a very capable recruiter.
His expertise in recruiting makes him a necessity in taking a recruiting group to the next level.
John is much more than an executive recruiter, he is an out of the box thinking, problem solver.
He also has a keen recruiter's eye for potential and makes very astute recruitment decisions.
He's a top notch recruiter, and it was easy to take over recruiting where he left off.
John's recruiting experience ranges from entry level to executive level positions.
John is a consummate professional and an executive recruiter who can be trusted.
John has been a recruitment expert and during his time at our company, he was responsible for our company recruitments.
John from our company, from a recruitment-to-recruitment perspective, is one of the good guys.
He's the real deal spreading recruitment truth and recruiter, love all over our company.
He has a mastery of human resources and executive recruiting.
He's smart, honest, creative and enterprising - basically the things you want in an executive recruiter.
He follows through with them to make sure they are comfortable in the role he recruited them for, far after they start.
Many thanks for all your help and for convincing him that at least one recruitment agency is actually really rather good.
There are probably many recruiters out there that would have taken his first answer, given his religious tone.
Kercea was responsible for recruiting at our organization, but that was certainly not his only contribution.
He is across every opportunity and knows everyone which is handy when he is recruiting for your company.
You want a recruiter that can make sure they are aligned with your needs and he is the best of the best.
If you're looking for a recruiter who looks after your best interests - he's definitely the one to see.
We are currently not in a recruiting mode, but should we be, he would be the first one we would contact.
What was most impressive was that he really listened to our needs, something most recruiters don't do.
Applicants want to know when they see a recruiter that someone truly has our company interest in mind.
Not only does he make recruiting look easy, but he seemed to know his hiring needs better than himself.
He really did his homework, and found what was best for him, and the companies he was recruiting for.
John also ensured that we made the right savings by being more effective in the way we recruited.
John came to us with offers to help with recruitment, and unfortunately him the timing was not great.
He has been one of our best recruiters and he has huge potential to be the best at what he does.
His diligence in making sure that everything was going well, even after the recruitment was amazing.