Executive Secretary LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Executive Secretary Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John always knew exactly what he and his hiring executives were looking for.
He can be trusted to always do the right thing, which is saying a lot for an executive.
He's always been our first go to when we needed to see if our ideas and approaches were feasible and executable.
John excels at execution, whether it is his own vision or one that has been passed down to him to fulfill.
He has got not only enough passion to fulfill his vision, but also all that needs to execute his mission.
He will also add tremendous value in the measurement and execution for some of the programs/channels.
John is one of the few executives that will always challenge and push you out of the comfort zone.
John is that rare executive that not only knows his stuff inside and out, but can operationalize it.
I highly appreciate the value he brought in our sessions and would recommend him to any executive.
I relied on his expertise and execution, and in particular during the last few weeks before launch.
He is someone who takes an idea and transforms it into something really executable and realistic.
John is the consummate executive, and is all of things his other recommenders describe him to be.
He is somebody you can trust and an executive who will definitely achieve results under his role.
John understands what it takes to get things done and executes flawlessly, all while having fun.
John has been one of those few individuals who is able to strategies and execute to perfection.
He can see the big picture of what needs to be accomplished and also help execute efficiently.
John impressed me as an executive with his willingness to effectively take on new challenges.
He seemed only interested in executing the best ideas, no matter who or where they came from.
And that's what characterizes him: not only does he have the vision, he also executes on it.
His vision and relentless pursuit to execute has never been about himself or his own agenda.
John has always been very helpful both in rapidity of execution and willfulness to help.
He has the passion to succeed in everything he does and he believes in flawless execution.
I am glad to have known him as he has significant added value to my ideas and execution.
He is also very adept at surrounding himself with teammates that can execute on his ideas.
He is what he says and extremely tactful, systematic and compassionate in his execution.
John is an executive who appreciates and understands the need to stay ahead of the curve.
He goes above and beyond to ensure his role and execution of his assignment are stellar.
He can be trusted to come up with concepts, strategy, and see these through to execution.
He ensured that every aspect was executed to perfection and was always available for us.
He not only has vision, but he has the ability to take that vision and execute upon it.
John's passion to help executives step into the best version of themselves is evident.
John has been an executive example, that think, act and create beyond his current role.
He knows how to execute on those out of the box ideas and grow something from nothing.
Universities are tough places to execute and he is to be commended on the achievement.
When he has a vision, you know he will be able to execute it beyond your expectations.
He is very experienced and puts it to good use when he executes various assignments.
John is an out of the box thinker who differentiates himself by his ability to execute.
He is enthusiastic in taking up challenging assignments and executing them perfectly.
John is amazing at giving feedback to executives that makes them better spokespeople.
On top of all that, he would get knee deep in the weeds with us and help us execute.
John is an excellent at picking up on nuances and then make the execution flawless.
If he doesn't have the answer, he will find it quickly and execute on it flawlessly.
John believes in executing what is expected out of him instead of giving reasons.
He understands his responsibilities perfectly and executes the same with perfection.
John has the hunger to get things done so execution is at the top of the mind for him.
He accepts any assignment and does his best to execute it to the highest standard.
His ability to find new ways of doing things and then executing it is very unique.
He is tenacious in his execution and makes things happen promptly and effectively.
His research is always thorough as well as quick to speed with executing of ideas.
The journey was perfect for him thanks to his abilities to understand and execute.
I highly recommend him in any executive position for which he is being considered.
As an executive, he is tough, almost ruthless to the point of getting things done.
Not only does he bring great ideas forward, he also executes on them flawlessly.
He is very much on the ground and in touch with the ground reality in his executions.
John is indefatigable workhorse: pleasant, connected and willing to execute.
John has both the acumen and propensity to be an effective executive quite soon.
He backs up his forward looking capability with focused and effective execution.
John understands the need to balance ideas with execution and he gets it done.
His charisma and positivity can win over even the most truculent of executives.
He is pragmatic, knows what to do and executes within the framework indicated.