Facilitation Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Facilitation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His insight and facilitate skills allow everyone around him to become more effective.
Some of the facilitation skills he used are only now evident, in hindsight.
Him skilled facilitation enabled us to come up with just the right concept and just the right name.
His intellect makes that possible, but his listening skills are what facilitates it.
The feedback from our learners are that his facilitation skills are superb.
John's skill as a facilitator was evident throughout the conference.
His facilitation skills are unparalleled, and his preparation is noticeable.
Another observed skill is his ability to facilitate meetings.
He has strong facilitation skills which engage his audience.
Among the many skills and strengths he brings are exceptional organizational skills, outstanding facilitation skills and a very broad & deeper understanding of diversity.
Most powerfully though, he is a facilitator - not only does he have these skills, but he helps others to do the same.
Him facilitation and leadership skills are second to none and he is clearly focused on delivering the brief.
He has natural facilitation skills that are invaluable in any position/situation he encounters.
He comes with great facilitation skills and the ability to conceptualize the initiatives.
However, it is his superb facilitation skills that truly captivate his students.
We expect him to conduct more facilitation skills classes for us in the future.
His skills as an active listener and facilitator are outstanding.
John is also a skilled facilitator - take that pen out of his hand and he's still got a pretty deep skill set.
John combines leadership skills as structured thinker, effective delegator, and skilled facilitator.
Not only does he have expert facilitation skills, but possesses solid leadership and communication skills.
He listens to what you need and always does what he can to facilitate.
He is passionate about what he does and at the same time has the skills to facilitate change.
His expertise in enterprise collaboration is thorough and his facilitator skills are strong.
He gets everyone involved and is skilled in facilitating consensus and decision-making.
He's an extremely competent facilitator, with excellent platform skills.
And so are his clients with his excellent skills as a facilitator.
His skills as a facilitator have made these meetings efficient and lively.
Because of that positive - and his skills - he's created and facilitated unmatched success for himself and those around him.
He has extraordinary listening and facilitation skills, and he immediately puts everyone around him at ease.
John's interpersonal skills are second to none; he is tactful, diplomatic and an excellent facilitator.
His facilitation skills are unmatched as he relays the lesson so that all in the class can comprehend.
He introduced and facilitated skills that will clearly set those apart who embrace and apply them.
His group facilitation skills are second to none, keeps everyone moving forward with a smile.
Not only was he skillful in facilitation, but more importantly, he has a big heart for it.
He facilitates with skill and flair and you find you have learnt when you didn't expect to.
His facilitation skills are excellent creating an atmosphere that is fun and inspirational.
His skill as a facilitator made a success of what might have been an ordinary workshop.
Him facilitation skills were superb - inclusive, thought-provoking and encouraging.
John also has the skills to facilitate and guide a shared result of that retreat.
His skill as a facilitator of group dynamics is unparalleled.
His wealth of experience comes to the fore and his facilitation skills are excellent.
His energy and passion was contagious, and he has excellent facilitation skills.
His energy, charm and facilitation skills make him an outstanding moderator.
His skills as a facilitator are outstanding and has the drive to take all things he does to the next level.
He's powerful on the platform and skillful in facilitation - great leadership by example.
His top notch facilitation skills are a pleasure as both a participant and as a co-facilitator.
Him facilitation skills are remarkable and applauded by many in the community.