Field Sales Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Field Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John added value that extended far beyond the products/services he represented.
He really understands the role and the value it represents to him organisation.
If given the chance to have him represent us again we would jump at the chance.
John represented himself, our agency and himself at the highest of standards.
This approach has always reassured him that his interests are well represented.
John represents the very thing that he himself finds inspiring in others.
His ability to get to know the candidates, he represents is second to none.
He hasn't only added, but makes a difference wherever he is representing.
Just talk about namecard it, which represents him, first impression.
John always has the best interests of the candidates, he represents in mind.
Should the need arise, he would be our first choice to represent us.
John represents everything we need to make this world a better place.
John represents the benchmark that all others are measured against.
He even had pictures that represented each module along the way.
John, a name that represents 'passion' for everything he does.
We genuinely felt that he represented all of us in that role.
He provided great insight as to what his logo should represent.
He leads by example, by being in the field and constantly coaching his sales representatives in the field, along with team selling when possible.
John took information from salespeople in the field and used it to drive sales.
Also, his knowledge in the sales field is immense and is an excellent presenter.
John always provided a unique voice of thought and reason to guide us in the sales field.
His commitment to furthering the field of hiring better sales people through thorough assessment is unmatched.
The field sales team in every geography raved about him responsiveness and dedication.
John ensured his team were consistently contributing to the field sales quotas.
He brought his experience and expertise in the sales field and was able to use that in enhancing our sales team and their abilities.
He and his organization are one of the best assets a field sales organization can have.
He has always had an unofficial leadership role when he was a sales support representative.
As a leader in his field, he set the benchmark for sales excellence.
John is highly respected by both the prospects he works with, as well as the field sales organization.
He knew what it took for representatives to succeed there and he made sure we were doing everything and had what we needed to become successful.
Not only does he make it his mission to be an expert in whatever he's representing, but he's genuinely enthusiastic.
This meant that he had to successfully represent the needs and priorities of one to the other.
John will be an excellent spokesperson for whichever organisations he joins or represents.
It represented great value for money, especially when combined with his other masterclasses.
He answered all his queries and ensured that he represented him to the best of his abilities.
When he had candidates, he represent them accurately and was very receptive to feedback.
All of his assignments were articulate and represent his passion for the profession.
He made sure to represent his preferences and requests accurately and on point.
Dealing with him as a candidate, he strives to represent your best interests.
He has a great passion for what he represents and does so very articulately.
He represents the type of individual we all want to surround ourselves with.
John represents one of those individual's who can capably carry both.
If he is not available, he is quick to find a good representative.
John represents the very definition of proactivity and passion.
John is an expert in the field of sales and with so many years of experience, he truly knows what it will take to succeed in sales in today's changing environment.
He knows his job very well, but is not above running his thoughts with others in the field.
John knows exactly how to help sales representatives master their craft in social selling.
He loves working with people, thus sales are an ideal field for him.
His knowledge of what the field sales teams required was most helpful.
His sales stint enabled him to balance himself well as an underwriter with a field perspective.