Financial Business Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Financial Business Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His most impressing feature is a deep understanding of financial and business issues.

John not only has great financial acumen, but he also has a great business mind.

He made the complexities of financial dashboards and business set up a breeze.

John can see the big picture and has business strategy and financial acumen.

He understands financials as he is a consummate student of business.

Having someone else in charge of the financial piece of his business gave him time to work on other aspects of his business.

He is very strategic and had the right insights to make the best financial and business decisions.

His business is to look after his clients' financial affairs, so they can focus their energies on their own business.

John has remarkable business acumen; he's a forward-thinking strategist with a deep understanding of all areas of business (financial and non-financial).

He clearly understands the intersections between law, business, and financial analytics.

He will help you make the best financial decisions for your company so you can focus on growing your business.

Whatever your business goal, financial or otherwise, he will help you meet or exceed it.

Him guidance towards his business plan and financials were crucial.

His eye for the financial details as well as his business understanding was well known throughout the organisation.

John can translate business questions into clear milestones (financially and time based), helping his business and expectations.

Received some great advised on how to progress his business and the best way to go financially - lots to think about.

He knows his financials very well and helped always in streamlining cost while delivering the best to the business.

John and his firm are hands on and helped us with many complex financial matters in our business.

John sees the business opportunities in the numbers, and translates them into financial reality.

He understands very well the balance between financial risks and business opportunities.

John clearly has financial expertise, but also has the rare ability to see the larger business picture and approach business issues & opportunities holistically.

His financial intelligence as well as his leadership has grown our business to new heights.

His knowledge of financial markers and business acumen is second to none.

John possesses an impressive base of financial and business knowledge.

He inspired him to get his financial advisor business off the ground.

John's business and financial acumen are a true asset to any business owner looking to improve shareholder value and to better understand their financial options.

His deep knowledge of the refinery business and associated financial processes is on par with the best in the business.

John is a true business partner because he took the time to understand his business and provided insights into our financial position.

John will be an exceptional asset to any large business unit that needs to match its financial and business goals.

His starting point is always the business and the people behind the numbers, not the financials on their own.

He consistently demonstrated keen business judgment and financial savvy.

John's clarity of thought, business understanding and ability to look beyond just financial statements to address business performance are laudable.

His service to his business has helped him achieve financial goals set for his business.

He cleaned up his financial reporting and actually helped him use them to grow the business.

His financial acumen as a business leader is well above average which helps him to make good business decisions.

Combine that with his firm grasp of the fundamentals of business-financially and interpersonally-and it's no mystery why he is so successful.

He looks at things from both the short-term financial perspective and also the long-term effect it may have on the business.

His unique ability to think outside of the square has financially strengthened his business and taken it to the next level.

He explains financial concepts really well to folk like him who aren't fully immersed in that side of the business.

He is a very business focused individual where he uses his financial background to help deliver value.

He sought out, found, and qualified new business deals of substantial financial value year after year.

John advised him on growing the business and becoming more financially efficient with existing funds.

John's financial and investment background gives him business insight that is also extraordinary.

His financial analyses were always very helpful and a good indication for steering the business.

His understanding of business and financial mechanics were invaluable.

His financial and wider business knowledge is impeccable and he is always looking at ways to transform the business into a cohesive whole.

John brings a wealth of financial and business knowledge to the table that enabled us to look at new options for our business growth.

John provides business owners with a balanced view on any financial or strategic business issues they may face.

Above all, he possesses remarkable business and financial acumen to quickly understand and translate organizational financial objectives.

His role was the equivalent of a business analyst in a financial operations/tax reporting capacity.

John takes a broad leadership view of business essentials with laser-focus capability on business financials.

John looked beyond the financial details and always wanted to understand the business problem.

His business experience is vast and he has a good understanding of financials.

John ensures his work is strongly tied to business objectives, financials, and other important business considerations.

He takes the time to understand their business needs as well as their business constraints, whether it be financial, political or legal in nature.

It is undeniably inspiring and motivating to see how he helped businesses across the world better themselves both financially and ethically.

He always ensured we followed the best business practices that could help the organisation grow both financially and ethically.

John's business guidance and recommendations have only ever delivered positive and financially beneficial results.

He consistently brought very sound business and financial judgment to the new opportunities we were exploring.

John also has an excellent business and financial acumen and could be flexible in a lot of different roles.