Financial Reporting Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Financial Reporting Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

As a matrix manager, he is able to manage direct reports, peers, as well as manage up the management chain.
He consistently met internal/external reporting deadlines and worked with others in the organization to ensure the accuracy of management and financial reporting.
Those who reported to him really appreciated his management style and he was very well liked in the department.
He takes his people management responsibilities seriously and expects managers reporting to him to do the same.
It was always deserved and given freely by those who reported to him because of the respect and confidence he placed in all those he managed.
He also manages his reports with enough flexibility to allow them to grow on their own without dictating how doing something.
John's transparency, kindness and empathy towards his reports is what makes him an exceptional manager.
John pushes every one of his reports to fulfill their potential through adaptive one-on-one management.
It was a pleasure to have him as a manager and would report into him again if given the opportunity.
Being his reporting manager, he had always helped him to tackle the difficulties in every aspect.
John doesn't require micro management and he is prompt with daily reporting.
His reports respond well to his management style and respect his leadership.
As a reporting manager, he was encouraging, understanding and collaboration.
John reported to him and managed our proprietary search ad product/program.
In addition, he brought in efficiencies and introduce management reporting.
John's reports have consistently rated him as a very good manager.
As a manager, he focuses on helping those reporting to him succeed.
As a manager, he shows an interest in the welfare of his reports.
Having him as a reporting manager has been a privilege indeed.
His role has been on the credit reporting side of the financial space.
John and his company have impeccable credentials for bookkeeping and financial reporting.
He always has an in-depth understanding the financial issues facing the companies he managed.
He knows how to report the status to make the manager aware and empower the decisions.
John's direct reports always had glowing things to say about him management style.
John recently transitioned roles and has become his direct report manager.
His approach is inspirational when managing clients and him reports.
His direct reports were also very complimentary of him as a manager.
At the same time, a good manager, well respected by his reports.
A manager's strength is first reflected in his direct reports.
John gains the respect of both the line managers and reports.
He's a manager that truly understands what his direct reports are going through while leveraging management requirements.
Above all, his management style is one that places trust in him direct reports and he never micro manages.
He treats his direct reports with respect yet still manages to satisfy his manager's expectations.
He allows his direct reports to manage their territories without micro managing each of us.
Employees who have reported to him saying that he's the best manager they've ever worked with, and it is not hard to see why.
He also managed to report diligently on every aspect of his work.
John then reports his observations in a succinctly written report that goes to management of the client firms.
He helped with reporting and editing and managing the other interns.
John brought an organized and more sophisticated approach to managing the financial reporting, forecasting, expense management, and partner promotions.
Not only that, he knows how to manage and mentor him peers and direct/indirect reports.
During this time it was his privilege to report to him directly as his manager as well.
John does a good job of managing the financials for an extended enterprise.
John also gives flexibility to his direct reports in managing their tasks.
John successfully manages across organizations and reporting lines.
John as his direct report is an engaging, empathetic manager.
John joined the company and implemented accurately several challenging financial reports.
John guidance led him into management and many of his direct reports moved into management roles.
If he didn't know the answer, he made sure to check with the hiring manager and would report his findings back to him.
He knows how to effectively manage him workloads and his immediate reports in an efficient and balanced manner.
John made sure that all the needs of his reports were met and if not, asked management for the proper funds.
In addition, he showed by example how to be an effective and helpful manager to all of us who reported to him.
John fearlessly attacks jumbles of numbers and comes out with reports that management can actually use.
It was wonderful to report to someone that believed in his abilities and did not try and micro-manage him.
His management style is approachable and he never misses an opportunity to help those reporting to him.
This enables him to be an effective manager who also enjoys the respect and loyalty of his reports.
He also brings with him a management style that his reports respect and admire.
We considered him as a mentor rather than a reporting manager.
His reporting to staff and management is a concise but thorough.
Recently we have used him to produce customised financial management reports for one of our clients who was delighted with the results.
His reporting, analysis makes his way into many of his presentations.