Financial Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Financial Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John possesses strong skill sets in financial analysis/management.

He always seemed to be able to reach into his "skill set bag" and put out whatever financial skill that was required at the time.

John is equally skillful in the financial aspects of his work.

Him keen technological and financial skills, plus him committed to the organization are some of several skills he possesses.

As well as his very strong financial skills, he is always focused on the "purpose" of the company, and its governance.

His incredible financial skills can only be matched by his honesty and unrelenting passion.

His financial skills are relevant and sharp, his best wishes for his future endeavors.

He understands financial levers very well, and has strong analytical skills.

Having brilliant financial skills, communicative skills he was always there to resolve problems and face the challenges.

His insight into financial analysis and superior qualitative skill are unparalleled.

John has great financial skills, he is able to get the gist of financial numbers in a jiffy and suggest way forwards.

John's financial skills and knowledge have proved invaluable to us.

Definitely improved his financial modelling skills after the course.

He works with passion and has "natural born" financial skills.

John also displayed good people skills, ethics and financial acuity.

John displayed extraordinary skills and ability in regards to financial decisions and analysis.

His financial skills lend well to any position where preparation and diligence is required.

We were months behind on our financials and with his coaching, we were able to get our finances back on track.

He often questions the financial implications associated with his responsibilities.

You can have confidence when entrusting your financials with his company.

Him skills, particularly in financial analysis are heads and shoulders above the rest.

His financial skills, eye for details, enthusiasm & dedication is inspirational.

Him financial forecasts are accurate and dependable; valuable skills in these trying economic conditions.

John possesses exceptionally strong financial modeling and analysis skills.

His skills in financial modeling impressed all levels of the organization.

His compassion along with knowledge and skills have enabled him to be the financial adviser he is today.

He effortlessly transfers his organisational, communication and financial skills.

His skill set is as wide and diverse as his financial knowledge is deep.

John also possesses solid financial skills and has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions.

John continues to take advice from him for his financial needs.

He analyses and knows the financial impacts of his decisions.

He keeps us on track financially and conceptually, and his conservative financial advice has kept us in the clear through the economic downturn.

His skill and competency in financial planning & analysis is amazing.

His skill set goes well beyond an ability to perform rigorous financial analysis.

His interpersonal skills are really appreciable and you can contact him for any financial planning tips.

John's leadership skills are complimented by his extensive corporate and financial qualifications.

His financial modeling skills are excellent and his contributions to win the deals are exceptional.

Along with his financial skills be brings commercial acumen and an emphasis on doing the right thing.

As such, he brings a good blend of financial and commercial skills.

John and without any reservation recommend him to any financial institution.

Just as important was his leadership above his financial responsibilities.

Since the first day he was the best financial adviser we ever had.

This was supported by his strong commercial skills and financial capability.

His entrepreneurial spirit, people skills, financial, manager al and organizational skills set him apart from the conventional set.

John will take you through from start to finish while considering your entire financial picture.

He makes sure that the financial transaction is up to date with the budget.

The results of his efforts were quantifiable and financially significant.

To say that he is an expert at financial modeling is an understatement.

He keeps his words, deadlines and even financial settlement dates.

He always impressed him in many ways ranging from his financial knowledge to his people skills.

His organizational skills and financial knowledge proved so beneficial to the company.

John demonstrated strong financial skills during the evaluation process.

He´s a fantastic professional with top-notch financial skills.

John's financial and planning skills are another bonus for anyone who works with him.

He possesses the unique mix of creative, financial, and people skills.

His attention to detail, analytical skills and financial savvy were invaluable.

Aside from that, his financial skills are superb and will take him to senior positions in the future.

We, his teammates, have the utmost confidence in his financial knowledge and skills and his ability to succeed.

John has an unparalleled understanding of financial wellness.

His strong financial acumen and analytical skills combined with him can do attitude is unique.