Food Service Worker LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Food Service Worker Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has come across to him as being a very hard dedicated worker.
The food was excellent, the service was exemplary and his kitchen was left immaculate.
John, taking time to see what each of his co-workers were struggling with.
At the same time, he is very fair/honest in his dealing with co-workers.
He is a reliable worker who gives his best in everything that he does.
He also had the respect of his superiors, co-workers, and employees.
Students and co-workers are attracted to his leadership and attitude.
He's on time, loyal and conscientious regarding his co-workers.
John is his co-worker at the third largest localization company.
He is one worker whom one can rely on anytime and every time.
He is very reliable, humble and friendly with him co-workers.
He is extremely good and get the things done attitude worker.
His commitment to outstanding service isn't limited to customers, but also co-workers.
Anyone who is serious about their career should take advantage of his services.
His services have been consistently reliable and he is always very responsive.
He provided service, reliability and honesty in all dealings.
John provided him and his co-workers with everything we needed to get our job done.
He's also an efficient worker and gets the job done with no delays.
Great co-worker, could always count on him to get the job done.
Manages his employees by example and motivates his workers beyond their own expectations.
He is very good at convincing his Co workers that what he wants is good for them and the company.
He gets along extremely well with other co-workers, as well as colleagues at his own level.
He is hard-working and he never late when it comes to issues need to be solved.
Clients and co-workers have always appreciated his consistency and follow-up.
He's the kind of worker that companies are and should be fighting to get.
He shares responsibility with Co workers and asks for help when needed.
And a hard worker, someone you can count on when he gives his word.
In addition to all of this he's a very dedicated and hard worker.
The John company would be lucky to have such an honest and hard worker.
John is a friendly, determined and an enthusiastic co-worker.
John is the perfect example of an honest, ethical hard worker.
In his past experience, the service levels drop off after some agencies sell you their services.
His service commitment and attitude goes above and beyond every time.
If you are thinking of hiring or using his services, you will not be disappointed.
Could not ask for anything better, we have always been and are totally content with his services.
He is very much an independent worker, always on the ball and responsive.
He is an independent worker that requires very little supervision.
There are no employee nor co-worker that he cannot make feel important.
Coupled with the fact that he is a very consistent worker, it would definitely make him a good co-worker to have on the team.
He is much aware about service delivery and is a hard worker to achieve targets.
He goes above and beyond not just for his co-workers, but in the warmth he expresses for his users.
He goes all out to make his workers comfortable in their surroundings as well.
He has an immense respect for both our users and his co-workers.
He also has several great services he provides people for no charge.
John has always provided him and his team with the best and most reliable service.
John is very knowledgeable about the services that he provided.
John is not only an always punctual and energetic employee, but also an inspiring co-worker.
It was great to have him around and he was extremely reliable as a coworker.
He is self-motivated and also is able to boost the morale of his co-workers.
John made a difficult time much easier for him and many of his co-workers.
He comes across as a sincere, self-motivated & always inaction co-worker.
John's can-do attitude is infectious, and he is an extremely hard worker.
He has a compelling can-do attitude that spreads across his co-workers.
Him positive impact and attitude are definitely felt by his co-workers.
He is committed to his employees, whether management or hourly worker.
His positive attitude and can-do nature make him an ideal co-worker.
He is an innovative, hardworking, dedicated and passionate worker.
John has always been a polite, pleasant and positive co-worker.
John's drive and ambition inspired him to be a better co-worker.
He has proven to be an ambitious and self-motivated hard-worker.