Franchise Business Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Franchise Business Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Being a business broker, he brings an additional perspective other franchise consultants usually don't.

John is his consultant during his entry into the world of franchising and he was very helpful.

Through his consulting, he helped us grapple with significant business obstacles by identifying new opportunities.

His out of the box thinking and understanding business value makes him a valued consultant.

His consulting approach is pragmatic, business-driven and yield sustainable dividend.

John helped him with colour consultancy for a website and a new logo for his business.

John encouraged him to pursue his passion and to start his own business as a consultant.

He has shown him that he is highly knowledgeable in franchise consulting.

He knows the franchise world backward and forward, but more importantly, he provides wisdom/advice that applies to the overall business world.

John opened his eyes and mind to the endless opportunities we have ahead of us in the franchising business.

He took this business from a small start-up to a large franchise.

As such, he differentiates himself from other consultants by looking first for risk solutions within the business itself.

His understanding of the franchising marketplace has given him an invaluable insight into why business franchise and the benefits from doing so.

John's consultancy helped us determine objective next steps for taking our business to the next level.

His consulting has been appreciated by clients and ensured repeat business for the organisation.

Simultaneously, our company was implementing a new consulting business model.

He's a capable, results oriented, practical business consultant.

John knows what business concepts are truly "ready for prime time, " and will help them become great franchises.

This is key to his success as a consultant and business leader.

He guided us to strategically shift from a consulting business to a results oriented selling business.

His consulting and professional work have always been very valuable to his business.

John as a true expert when it comes to franchising and business building.

His consultation and insight helped bring the site together quickly, which provided amazing results for the business.

John would be a tremendous asset to any company that hires him, or uses him as a business consultant.

His consultative approach and knowledge in the franchise world is outstanding.

John comes highly recommended as a business partner, coach and consultant in any line of business.

John's a savvy, insightful, well studied business partner and an excellent consultant.

He continues to be a highly respected consultant and business partner today.

His expertise shows when he is consulting with clients and when he is won contests for his business acumen.

He is certainly a class act, knows what he writes and consults on and his passion for his business is top notch.

His insights into business, technology and the world of a consultant are second to none.

Would strongly vouch for him as a consultant, business coach or as someone to follow.

Him ability to consult with clients on their key business challenges and deliver on these challenges is of vital importance to our business.