Game Artist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Game Artist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He wants to help create a many future game artists as he possible can.
John is on top of his game and there is nobody that he wouldn't help.
He knows that it doesn't matter unless it looks awesome in the game.
And if you ever wanted to do something with gaming, he is your man.
But most importantly, he just knows how to make games that are fun.
John is always on his game from the first minute he is involved.
John excelled here and would always be game for new challenges.
He knows the game, but allows you to think, challenge, and grow.
The name of his game is getting into action and never stopping.
Like the best at anything, others raise their game around him.
John is willing to do whatever it takes to make a better game.
It also doesn't hurt that he is very passionate about gaming.
He really knows what the players want and look for in a game.
Listen and act on his advice and you'll be ahead of the game.
John is always on on time, in his game, and gets things done.
He came up with something that has really brought the game to life.
John is well respected amongst his peers and within the game.
Even with the intense pace, he never came across overwhelmed or off his game.
He understands the game and is not afraid to go out there and get things done.
Above all else, he's simply the guy who will get the best game possible made.
People like him are in the game because of their passion and the long run.
He expected the best, and pushed everyone around him to elevate their game.
He always seemed to be ahead of the game catching issues before you were.
John stepped in and really became the game changer for our partnership.
Working with him was as fun as it was challenging to raise his own game.
Features he created really made the game look and play much better.
What can't be seen so easily is his passion for games and creation.
He helps him think out of the box and up his game inside the box.
He is always "on his game, " no matter how much he was going on.
It was a game changer and we could not have done it without him.
John raises his game even further when the stakes get higher.
One chat with him and you will realize that this guy has game.
John can visualize what needs to be done months ahead of the game.
On top of all this he has a true passion for games, and always seems to know all about what the latest game did right or wrong.
He knows games, he plays games, he has a rare knack and passion for them.
John is very attentive to the needs of the artists on his team.
He is committed to doing whatever he can for the betterment of the game and for the studio.
John motivates those around him to step up their game, himself included.
This is something that has stuck with him throughout his career in games.
He's ahead of the game and continues to think with the future in mind.
He knows his game, he is honest with you and gives very sound advice.
He even made the whole game sound easy: that is no mean achievement.
In the time we spent together he was always on the top of his game.
Canada will be the right place for him to keep on "improving his game".