Game Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Game Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He clearly understands game design and is a great lead designer.
John has excellent sound design chops and he really knows games.
John posses one of the most valuable assets there is in game design.
He also had good suggestions regarding game play and design issues.
He groks many aspects of game design that many so often gloss over.
He understands game design and player interaction inside and out.
His passion for game design would be a boon to any organization.
John's the kind of game designer you wish you had working for you.
John would make an excellent addition to any game design team.
His deep knowledge of games & game design ensure a bright future.
He knows how to get the students to look at the larger issues of game design.
John's groundbreaking vision and his superior game design expertise.
He focuses in on the core of the game and he has a great design sense.
John walked around with a little black book of game design ideas.
It completely changed his perception of the craft of game design.
John is a considerable force for great game design standards.
John game could benefit from having someone like him in the design team.
John constantly contributes ideas to further along the game design and architecture.
John honestly knows everything about gaming - from game design, level design, economy, development and even modern trends.
He's been in the digital game since before there even was a game.
He never forgot that game design was supposed to be fun, even when things were not going well.
He designed and well balanced user progression and economy for our game.
Discussing games and mechanics with him helped him discover his niche and expertise in designing games.
His game designs are interesting, creative, and show his wealth of gaming experience.
His talent and knowledge of game design and game theory made him one of the best students.
John's an avid gamer and pays particular attention to the sound designs of other games.
His ideas contributed directly to the visual design and overall feeling of the game.
In addition to that he plays games a lot and he isn't silent when comes to design.
His game design was logical, meticulously organized and well thought out.
Working with him led him directly to pursuing a career in game design.
John's sense of game design is rivaled only by his actual knowledge of video games.
His work around using game design principles to get things done is nothing short of revolutionary.
More relevantly, perhaps, he is an incredibly intuitive and intelligent game designer.
His breadth of knowledge of the many aspects of game design is truly astounding.
Collaborating with him on game design work has invariably been a blast.
John loves to play and design games, and it really shows in his work.
He's creative, and understands the theories of game design, but he gets things done very efficiently.
His passion for game design and his enthusiasm for his art are contagious.
His observations about game design and polish were instructive to him.
He's one of the rare combination of game design and pure creativity.
As a game designer, he is creative, disciplined and pragmatic.
His passion for games is obvious from his knowledge of games and his successful participation in game jams.
He knows what it takes to design captivating systems in game.
John always had a positive attitude and energy that really came through in his game design.
Most of all he has a lot of experience designing different game genres.
John's talent for bug hunting along with his enthusiasm for games and game design make him a triple threat.
John is a dedicated and talented game designer, he has a firm grasp of what makes games fun.
He designed and completed two fairly complex games, on his own, before he even joined our team.
You can always rely on him for deadlines and he also always has good input and suggestions on many different aspects within game design.
He highly valued their opinions and actually incorporated their feedback into the overall design of the game.
John's a strong, attentive designer, and his love for games is apparent to everyone.
He's consistently impressed with his approach to creating a great game design.
He played dual roles as both a game designer and story-boarder.
John cuts through and clarifies the idea of basic fun in game design.
John is both creative and practical in his approach to game design.
His designs always stayed relevant through constant changes of our games, and he helped us improve our designs by a big margin.
Not only is he honest and insightful with regard to his views on design, but he always had forward thinking concepts to solve difficult design problems; and could very often cut through the mist in the jungles of game design.
He backs it all up with a solid head for design, and a genuine passion for all things games and gaming.
His sense of design and the understanding of social games is second to none.
His varied experience in multiple facets of game design was very valuable.