Game Developer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Game Developer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He always goes out of his way to help others, and he's strongly experienced in the various disciplines of game development.
John is just brilliant on this and it naturally manifests through the games he developed.
John understands development and what goes into making great games and his passion always shows through in any discussion about gaming.
John is an enthusiastic game developer with a very good sense of what makes a great game.
John demonstrated from the start that he knows exactly what the game development is all about.
John had every game that we developed cornered and locked in, always watching for the budget issues and development "gotchas".
All things considered, there is no question we could not have done it without him and his many years of game development expertise.
But he was also very impressive with his leadership and understanding of most other aspects of game development.
Because of that, he can quickly understand what you are trying to achieve during a development of any game.
I'd follow him to war, but thankfully, no-one would ask us to do so, as we're all wimpy game developers.
His base assumption is that the developer wants to make a better game, regardless of any other factor.
He has a calming effect on everyone around him that is really needed in game development.
Because of this he brings a synergy to game development that you don't see very often.
John is now on the "other side of the camera" at one of the top game developers.
It doesn't surprise me though - he is a brilliant all-rounder at game development.
His understanding of the various dimensions of game development helps him make the right decisions.
John's love for independent games is only outmatched by his passion for helping those games' developers become successful.
John is a passionate and highly driven developer with deep knowledge of the game development.
I have been thoroughly impressed by his robust knowledge of game development.
Combined with with this, attention to details and true passion for games he is a natural game developer.
He could pull off such a tough task because of his genuine passion for games, game developers and the gaming community.
John's suggestions were invaluable to help me with the development of new games, forms, and exercises.
He thoroughly understands the game development pipeline, what makes a game successful, and how to implement it.
John is a very talented individual who has a passion for all aspects of gaming and game development.
John's breadth of knowledge of game development, his easy going manner, and calm demeanor serve him well in the tumultuous world of game development.
He understands the pipeline well in the game development, and has an extensive knowledge of the current game consoles.
John's competitive spirit means you can count on him to develop something truly worthy, and that you'll be challenged to up your own game.
His easygoing nature and willingness to take anything on proved how much he enjoyed developing games.
John has a really great blend of all the necessary ingredients required for game development.
He has an uncanny insight into gameplay and can see gaming trends years before they develop.
John has a clear and sincere passion for understanding and developing games.
I learned a great deal about games and game development from him and always enjoyed our interactions.
His approachability can only be overshadowed by his many years of experience in game development.
John is an amazing developer, and an absolute genius when it comes to mobile gaming.
His passion for game development and attention to detail are no less than inspiring.
Also, he understands game development from a programmer's perspective, which has been very helpful during development of the two games we worked together on.
He plays a ton of games and keeps up with the latest game development trends, so he always has fresh and unique ideas.
Without his help, we certainly wouldn't have had as many animations in our game.
I appreciate his keen insight into development and game distribution and he's thoughtful in his guidance to other developers entering into this space.
I would recommend him to any organization or individual looking to develop its leadership or "up their game".
He is both tactful and diplomatic, which was quite necessary in the fury of tight game development cycles.
The methods and implementations he uses towards game development are very genuine and witty.
He has successfully developed several top selling interactive games for the company.
He knows what responsibility for developing video games is, and tries to beyond that level.
He has often found ways to improve game developing pipelines and techniques.
His competence at game publishing as well as development makes him an invaluable partner when providing input to development.
He is an asset to any employer and we really look forward to seeing his contributions to the game development scene.
His passion for game development goes beyond just producing a game, he wants to produce the best game possible with the team.
John's first love is games and it shows in his attitude and approach to making games.
I have to say his professionalism and attitude towards game development is second to none.
John has a passion and enthusiasm for game development that can excite even the most melancholy of developers, an enthusiasm that is not only infectious but enhanced by his outstanding knowledge of games.
His game development pedigree is unquestionable, having done award winning work on some of the most beloved classics in gaming.
He is always willing to do all of those extra things which really help make conferences and expos a success for a game developer.
John clearly understands gaming from both a developer's standpoint, and from the standpoint of the gamers themselves.
John was always on top of everything and understood efficiently issues and situation inherent in game development.
Conversations with him are like opening a book on game development, and always finding the page you're looking for.
John's approach invites us to develop focused action/systemization as the weekly game progresses.
He's funny and has a common sense view of both the world and game development.
He is completely on the ball when it comes to game design and fully understands game development.
I'm looking forward to seeing his work as his game development career unfolds.
His desire to develop the best possible game-play experience made him a cut above the rest.
John exhibited true professionalism and passion in the development of games.
John developed an innovative prototype for an internal game concept for our company.
He always provides useful comments and critics whenever he sees something is not right in the game.
At the same time, he really, really knows his stuff when it comes to almost any kind of game.
Yes, you guessed it right, he is the one you need when the game goes into extra time.
From time to time you come across someone who is clearly on top of his game.
Several games created under his supervision have already been launched.
John would truly be an asset and a game changer for any organization.
He's very attentive and organized, and is really on top of his game.
He's not only on top of the game, he's ahead of the power curve.
From his extensive experience, he knows games from every angle.
He wasn't political, he was about delivering the end game play.
John is his name, making it crystal clear is exactly his game.
John has tons of experience and knows how to make great games.
Tough tasks, extremely well organized and always on his game.
John is a game changer who inspires those he interacts with to raise their game.
He then went on to produce a significant segment of the game we were developing.
His ability to develop and implement active solutions necessary in game development has been consistent and prolific.
He gave us developers freedom and support to develop mobile games which sold in thousands.
His passion for gaming and being a part of game development goes a long way in making projects successful.
Detail focused, he understands all roles in game development and the relationships between the disciplines.
His efforts made our desires a reality and the best mobile game we've ever developed.
He definitely knows how to bring out the best of his students and his passion for teaching and game development is undeniable.
He receives nothing but kind words from all the game developers with whom he has worked.
His personal development attitude ensures he is always top of his game.
John has a deep understanding of games and knows how to manage and get the best out of game developers.
He one of those types of developers that makes others pick up their game; he brings his own energy with him.
John's energy makes him an incredibly versatile asset to games and other entertainment development.
John is an excellent resource to lean upon, as he has climbed through the ranks of game development.
He keeps abreast of all technical and musical developments and can truly be described as ahead of his game.