Game Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Game Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He knows his industry and is ahead of the game, navigating the next evolution before it becomes the norm.
His passion for the game industry is infectious and he makes everyone around him want to do better.
His gaming past and connections throughout the industry make him a must have for any company.
John not only knows his games, but he's once of the nicest guys in the industry to boot.
You can clearly see that he loves games and understands the culture of the industry.
John is dedicated to the gaming industry and always delivers what he promises.
You will not find anyone in the industry more on top of his/his game.
The games industry is a better place because of his involvement.
He's smart, witty and knows the gaming industry second to none.
John knows gaming inside and out and is always up to date on gaming industry news and events.
John's enthusiasm for games and gaming is entirely obvious, he is driven and passionate about his work, and the gaming industry as a whole.
John may be fairly new to the games industry, but is quick to learn.
He's always a student of the industry, making sure that he's well versed in games and gaming companies.
He is not only experienced in the gaming industry, but an authority on it.
John knows the games industry like the back of his jeopardy-formed hand.
He taught him a lot about game art as well as the game industry.
This was his first job in the game industry, and to say the least, it was a little intimidating.
With strong links in the gaming industry, he wasn't like most of the other lecturers.
He comes highly recommended among his peers in the game industry.
John's passion for the gaming industry, and four games in general, shines through in everything he does.
He can be headstrong, but you know that it's because he knows what he is doing is for the good of the game and the industry as a whole.
For him, that is huge, as it shows his passion for gaming and his desire to always see what's next in the industry.
John knows gaming and tech like nobody else and sees ahead of the crowd what's coming in the industry.
John's dedication to the company, the game and the industry is legendary and needs no explanation.
He is right on his game in terms of industry trends and he is very definitely a forward thinker.
At college, he is one of the rarest in the games industry you can like, but he has punched too.
He is influential in helping him land his first position in the game industry.
He knows how to adapt to today's economy, including the gaming industry.
John also helped to nurture and mature the casual games industry.
His stellar rise in the game industry, is due to all of the above.
John's enthusiasm in the industry is a great driving force; to see himself and others do well and in turn make the games industry even better.
He also keeps up with the industry trend very well and is a gamer himself, which is a big plus if you work in the game industry.
His understanding of the gaming industry is infinite and he objectively looks at everything that comes to him.
He is very passionate and driven about the games and he rather lives and breathes the industry.
His attitude towards the gaming industry is going to propel it into a new era.
He gave us valuable advice that can help prepare us for the game industry.
John has an outstanding knowledge of the games industry - and he should, because he's been in it forever.
His enthusiasm for his work and for the game industry was always evident.
His long history in the game industry makes him very knowledgeable.
He knows the gaming industry and understands how to connect the dots and come up with new ways we can collaborate with industry leaders.
He's always proved to be ahead of the game - demonstrated by his blog and the respect he has from the industry.
He knows the games industry backwards and forwards, he really has his heart in his job through and through.
His influence can be seen throughout the social gaming industry.
He completely understands gamers, their needs, and gaming trends, and is one of the most talented individuals in the gaming industry.
His expertise in the gaming industry was valuable and applicable to other industries we worked with.
John understands the gaming industry and how important motivated employees are to the continued success of the industry.
He understands the gaming industry & its players well & strives to always know what is going on at competitor companies.
He not only understands the gaming industry better than many others, he has a love for it that is quickly apparent.
John possesses significant wisdom about the gaming industry, both in its past and potential future.
John's dedication and passion for the games industry makes him an overall great guy to be around.
He seems to relish the challenges associated with player acquisition in the gaming industry.
He provided us with a great insight into the industry and has really helped raise our game.
He would be a great asset to any company both within and outside the gaming industry.
John is a studier of the game, the industry, or the space that he is involved in.
He has a true understanding of the tech industry and gaming specifically.
He brings years of game industry experience and has an extensive portfolio of industry connections.
He's an industry veteran who has a solid knowledge of the industry to go along with a strong passion for games.
His experience of the gaming industry proved to be handy in many situations.
His experience in online games is unmatched within the industry.
John possessed a strong understanding of console games, the gaming industry and the relevant consumer segments.
He's passionate about working on games and making games come to life.
His ability to understand all aspects of the game industry has been an asset to him as he has moved into many different positions
John has a wealth of experience from the game industry and he knows how to tackle just about anything that is thrown his way.
To say that he was a true pioneer of the game industry that we all know and love is something that simply has to be stated.
He seems to know everyone in the broader games industry, what they're up to and has an endless galore of stories to share.
John always seems to be ahead of the game because he is constantly absorbing the thinking of` experts in the industry.
His broad background also allows him to help you up your game, no matter the role you play or the industry you're in.
John came across as an articulate and inspiring speaker (he actually inspired him to segue into the game industry).
He will ask the necessary questions required to succeed in the highly competitive world of the gaming industry.
John truly is a veteran of the gaming industry and would be an asset to any company lucky enough to have him.
Also, as he has a great wealth of knowledge of the games industry, there are no problems that he cannot solve.
Overall, he already shows great experience and maturity in the sometimes harsh world of the gaming industry.
He's the definition of being realtime, embraces speed and he's perfectly suitable for the gaming industry.
John has a huge amount of experience within the gaming industry and is someone you simply have to know.
John adds a spark in the world of serious games that is needed in any industry, especially ours.
So every high-performance player in the industry should recognize him at the top of his game.
John makes a real effort to stay on top of his game and has enthusiasm for his industry.
A smart cookie steadfastly on his way to becoming a genuine gaming industry aficionado.
John's leadership and insight have helped grow the casual games industry at large.
He's a seasoned veteran and has a thorough grasp of how the game industry ticks.
John is an industry veteran that cares about the craft of making great games.
He makes the insanity that surrounds the game industry a lot easier to take.
John is new to the games industry when he started at our company, but he acclimatized himself to his role amazingly rapidly.
His wisdom in the gaming industry was crucial for a young company like our company.
John's background in the gaming industry was helpful for finding opportunities and understanding gaming markets.
He knows how to build successful game companies, and has a good feel for opportunities in the game industry.
He keeps current on all things game-related, and is always willing to share his thoughts honestly and constructively about anything to do with games or the industry.
John has a passion for games and the game industry that is rare to find, especially amongst directors.
Rarely do you come across someone that is always at the top of his game with customers.
He can do this because he understands the end game, the customer.
John's passion for gaming makes him an undeniable force in the electronic entertainment industry.
His understanding of the gaming industry has enabled him to enhance his analytical proficiencies.
John is an amazingly quick learner, and he took to the gaming and mobile industry with ease.
John also really understands the mobile gaming industry and is able to catch new trends.
John utilises his experience of the games and electronics industries to powerful effect.
Him acumen of the video game industry certainly came as a pleasant surprise.
John helped him get his first job in the games industry by putting him in touch with the right people.
John attends nearly every game industry conference and knows all of the key insiders.
Clear and simple is the name of the game and he does it very, very well.
John company that has him on their team is ahead of the game.
John has an amazing passion for the gaming industry and is ideally suited for game development.
He has been in the game industry for a long time, and he knows a lot about game development.
John knows everyone in the games & entertainment industry, he keeps his finger on the pulse and listens well.
His passion for games and the technology behind the games makes him a tremendous role model in the industry.