General Contractor LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

General Contractor Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is generous with his time and always made sure we were getting what we asked for.
John's demeanor and general attitude could not have been more pleasant.
His viewpoints are very appreciated, self generated and non-consensus.
He likes things that move forward and is very generous in his efforts.
He understands the value of collaboration and is generous with others.
His company generated the results they said they would- and then some.
In this role he was always very responsive and generous with his time.
John is generous and understands that he is dealing with individuals.
He can become very exciting when talking of, or generating new ideas.
John's generous spirit has been invaluable on more than one occasion.
Always found him open to new ideas, as well as generous with his own.
He never gave you an answer that you shouldn't generate on your own.
Him positivity and generous approach were always useful and inspiring.
Highly collaborative, ideas are his currency and he is very generous.
John also really understands the generational gaps in the workplace.
More generally he taught him that we must always strive to do better.
His another advantage is he's willing to share generously to others.
He has high standards and is generous with what and who he knows.
That's how he's able to generate success in all of his initiatives.
If he doesn't know the answer, he generally knows where to find it.
He built an organization that was generating right out of the gate.
Apart from that, he is very kind, transparent, generous and honest.
He is generous enough to also share these insights with the world.
Matched only by his ability to follow up on the interest generated.
These traits allow him to generate great value at any organization.
John generously listened to him and really demystified his challenge.
He explains things clearly and was just generally fun to be around.
He generously gives of himself and shares his wisdom with others.
What separates him from others is his ability to generate results.
With his book he defines what success is for the next generation.
The reason for this is simple - he is unique among his generation.
He is committed and generous, which means he does his best, always.
Our collaboration wasn't just his expertise in demand generation.
Be forthright with him and he will generously return the gesture.
Focus on earning money and let him help you generate more wealth.
He collaborates tirelessly and generously to help others succeed.
John is always generous with his well-reasoned input on any topic.
John is extremely generous in the way he approaches every issue.
John always gives his time generously and without pre-condition.
John is generous and thoughtful, and gives every task he "all".
He makes everyone comfortable with him, warm and generous spirit.
John's generous spirit will always have his audience entranced.
He knows how to generate excitement and make big things happen.
John is and still is good at generating out-of-the-box ideas.
John's general attitude and enthusiasm is definitely infectious.
He always offered generous help in setting up what was required.
He will always go the extra mile, generally with little fanfare.
He helped his group and always made himself generously available.
He is kind and generous, but committed to getting what he needs.
He has a passion for what he does and the results he generates.
He will have time for things which we generally will not have.
John is strict, gets down to the point, yet kind and generous.
John is amazing and so generous from the beginning to the end.
They took his general ideas and made them an impressive reality.
He gives back generously contributing towards other's success.
He is always unfailingly generous and astute with his advice.
John's approach was not generic, but specific to his situation.
His leadership generated value throughout the entire division.
He's quite potent in general and almost worth to any concern.
He is also an all around generous and great guy to be around.
Focused and generous with his time, advice and encouragement.
His insight and wisdom has been generous and really helpful.
John is energetic, dynamic, thorough and generally inspiring.
He is enthusiastic, encouraging, always honest, and generous.
Proactive, smart and generous with our company and expertise.
John once said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
Our company and Marketing are not generally complementary disciplines.
He's an inspiration for all that have been before him, our peers, and future generations.
Places the needs of other people, and the organisation more generally, ahead of his own.
Furthermore, he is generous with students even beyond the requirements of his position.
He's always been generous of himself, his ideas to get people where they want to go.
He would push back when necessary, but would generally get on with the task at hand.
He gets along well with people of all generations and from various walks of life.
He always appreciate, motivate and accelerate to generate the best out of you.
John is motivated to succeed in general and whatever he did, it all turns.
Most of all he is one of the more delightful and generous people in his life.
He is so passionate that he generates the interest among the students.
He has many gifts that he shares generously with his students.
He shares everything that he has to offer to people generously.
He generously met with him and continues to do so as his mentor.
John went above and beyond this by introducing him to and then liaising with the general contractor in charge of the entire relocation.
He knows the right people, and he knows how to generate revenue.
John knows how to think outside the box to generate better results than most could on twice the budget.
He's willing to learn anything he doesn't already know, and generously shares what he does know.
He provides real value to them as their advocate and to generate him own wins.
Listening to him speak, one can't help but notice the charisma he generates.
The fan following he generates wherever he goes is something to learn from.
He's vocally self-critical and generous with his own learning.
Above all, he's an incredible human being, kind and generous.
Enthusiastic and generous, he willingly gives of himself to help others find the answers that they may not even know they already have inside themselves.
He doesn't need many words to let someone know that he hears them, what they want and who they are, and then generously offers what they need.
His pragmatic approach to generating the most out of what he is given is unparalleled and an example to others within the company.
We don't know each other well, but since we have connected he has been extremely helpful and very generous with his time.
Despite the difficulties-and he's seen more than many of us- he strives to be open and generous with whatever he has.
We will give him the general idea, and he will come up with one or more ways of doing it that we had not imagined.
Of course you can guess that he is benevolent and generous, but more than that, he is very smart and inspiring.
He always strives to think things through and follow the course of actions that will generate the best outcome.
His generous spirit and commitment to others is what separates him from those who say they do and those who do.
He actually listens to what you say, and when he has something to say, it is generally well worth listening to.
John is definitely the next generation of self-help superstar yet is he is "real" and easily approachable.
As an individual, he is generous and approachable and never says no to anyone who reaches out to him for help.
He generally had the answer for you and if he didn't he could be relied on to help and not just brush you off.
All we would have to do was contact him, let him know what we needed to generate interest in and he was off.
He does this by example, through his relentless pursuit to be the best and to generate the next 'big idea.
Exceptionally generous, well connected and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to filming and editing.
He bravely took the step of saying that for the next generation, we would not iterate, we would reinvent.
John gives so truly and generously and him a spirit of giving shows as he makes it all look effortless.
He's always looking for the best and fastest way to generate value and deliver results for the company.
He's bright, generous, helpful and thorough, and anyone would lucky to have him in their organization.
John is certainly of the idea generation and there is no box too big that he can't think outside of.
We could not be more pleased with our experience and the results which he has helped us to generate.
He knows how to both generate ideas and see them through to completion with efficiency and elegance.
Without his leadership, partnership and general brilliance, we would have not been the same company.
One thing that has always struck him about him is his enormous capacity to be generous with his time.
He has been nothing but generous and strategic in the introductions that he has made on his behalf.
Although he was generous on occasions that warranted it, he was also very firm when the need arose.
He exactly knows how to generate the target list and what the customer/prospect would like to hear.
John embraced the technology and saw the value it provided him in generating qualified opportunities.
He is well-regarded and liked across the company and is very generous with his time and expertise.
He is extremely thoughtful, generous, appreciative and always goes out of his way to help others.
John is focused on what he does and is an ideas generator, who is willing to go the extra mile.
He is also one who is generous - both in his time and him willingness to share of what he knows.
John reached out to him and was very generous in both his insights, suggestions and introductions.
The general awareness of our company and the spirit of what we do is most definitely out the bag.
He can be firm when it is necessary, but generally he is an amicable guy that goes with the flow.
Not ones necessarily generated by him, but one that seem to naturally germinate in conversation.
If you need help with the challenges of generations in the workplace, he's the speaker to hire.
Not only he was open and approachable, but he also generously offered him help for many of us.
He doesn't shy away from asking the difficult questions or go along with the general consensus.
He is very generous and constantly wears different hats to help wherever he can in the company.
He's not afraid to ask questions and is very generous with his time when others have questions.
John is an incredible idea generator and inventor, and he follows through with his commitments.
He shared many useful frameworks and provided us with generous feedback on how we can improve.
The end result will always be more than expected, and generally in less time than he promised.
He's collaborative and generous and goes out of his way to achieve the best outcomes for all.
He didn't attempt to make general statements so that him helpfulness to him might be diluted.
He knows how to make things happen and generates successes, even circumstances are difficult.
He won't miss a deadline, he won't let you down and he'll generally exceed your expectations.
It is his experience that we tend to think and respond from our own generational perspective.
He generally has answers to all our questions and if he doesn't know, he finds the answer.
His advice is invaluable, and he's always been generous with his experience and his insight.
He certainly has his finger on the pulse of what the wired generation is using and needing.
In addition, his capacity for workload in general, and getting things done is second to none.
He will generate value and profitability because he is very driven and determined to succeed
He has his finger on the pulse at all times and most of all he's generous to all around him.
John is generous with his time, compassion and smiles, where ever he is it's never boring.
This is indicative of his general level thoughtfulness to others and especially their time.
It is impossible to say enough nice things about someone as wonderful and generous as him.
John willing to help and advise, whenever you reach out to him, he is generous to a fault.
He can think differently from general mass and that's what differentiates him from others.