General Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

General Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John its management company to generate results for its clients.
John is insightful, motivating, and in general a great manager.
He manages to work with nearly every written medium and generally all at the same time.
He manages through humor and is ever ready to generously share his knowledge.
As a manager, he's devoted, empathetic, and generally an incredible mentor.
A very generous manager who shares his knowledge to those who seeks it.
He managed to generate direct results in a very short period.
The time he invested in him and other managers both in and outside of his management chain was incredibly generous and invaluable to his growth.
Him feedback is very thorough, which is really helpful in general, but especially so when you are new to an area.
He's helped us through an acquisition and has always been very generous with his introductions.
Apart from being very generous with his time the advice given is always sound.
Not only is he generous with his time he is also direct and encouraging.
He is passionate about what he does and generous with his knowledge.
John's contributions have generated new engagement for our efforts.
He is bright, engaging, but most of all he is genuine and generous.
He knows how to generate excitement and keep his audience engaged.
His impression is that he is politely direct, as well as generous.
He gives generously of his time to meet the needs of his coach
Try asking him about his general knowledge and you will be amazed.
John is an idea-generator who will and can make change happen.
Because he changed his opinion about his whole damn generation.
Johns positive attitude is something that other managers as well as colleagues in general could learn from.
John is accessible, as generous with his time as he could be, and as a manager, keen to learn.
John helped him in his transition from a functional to general management leadership.
This is crucial and fundamental as manager generally speaking, and as our company one in particular.
John is an amazing manager who is able to manage employees and let them know he cares while still accomplishing tasks and generating profits.
Apart from those good general management qualities, two things stood out for him.
John's positivity, support and general kindness make him the perfect manager.
As a manager, he was deeply supportive, generous and thorough.
John knows how to generate results, and he is always willing to teach someone the ropes.
John generated opportunities for us that also created value for his employer.
He knows better than most about how to generate organic traffic to websites.
His management abilities are excellent which generate loyalty throughout the organization with superior results.
What's especially nice is that he has a good appreciation of things from a general management perspective.
His general management abilities come to the fore as he deals seamlessly with all stakeholders with ease.
The way he managed to generate feelings of great admiration for himself even from a distance, is amazing.
This combined with an affable style of management that generated trust and respect for his leadership.
This means that in terms of experience, he gets to be general manager even though his title is not.
He also quickly earns and demands trust of those around him, making him an ideal general manager.
John possesses several key traits that make him an extremely efficient demand generation manager.
He generates ideas quickly and can translate his ideas into manageable actions and outcomes.
He's able to go into detail while staying general enough to manage for the bigger picture.
He understands the techniques of demand generation, pipeline management and deal closure.
He acted as general manager of that activity, and returned the group to profitability.
Besides being an outstanding manager, he is an exceptional writer and idea generator.
Him overall general management capacity added a great deal to him value to us.
He brings a strong general management perspective with a bias toward action.
He is a very strategic, conscientious, action oriented general manager.
His experience with our company will stand him in good stead for any general management roles.
John managed all his trade shows, conferences and general travel.
As a manager, he is smart, generous, and gives him the space and support to manage his own team.
He knows the right strategies for anyone to improve lead generation and management.
He does everything he can to help his peers and mentor the younger generations.
John is very passionate about avionics and aviation in general.
John would be straight into the top right of any business's general management talent grid.
John's unique style of management has always proven effective and revenue generating.
He managed to create and grow an incremental revenue generating organisation.
John changes your approach for the better, not only to subject matters, but life in general.
The value of his name and reputation has been passed down through generations in his family.
He accomplished this by generating "wrappers" for some of them, that they would run in.
For example, he generates assets, such as screenshots, quickly and without reminding.
He certainly provided great leadership for the board and was generous with his time.
He not only generates innovative ideas, puts them to use, most often, successfully.
John also was very generous in regards to our annual charity golf tournament.
Elaborate on his approach towards life in general with an impeccable vision.
John certainly knows how to generate a win/win scenario for all parties.
He's been around the block, and is generous enough to give others a tour.
He's always improving himself and finding new ways to generate pipeline.
Wonderful to collaborate with, he generates fresh and innovative ideas.
We thank him for generously volunteering his time for this worthy cause.
He strives for excellence while being driven by innovation in general.
The lesson has also been translated to his workplace and general life.
Again, this is testament to his positive approach to life in general.
John can always be relied on to generate innovative and fresh ideas.
John is not just open to new ideas, he's a generator of innovation.
In general, he's hardworking, without losing the zest for life.
His outlook on innovation and idea generation is second to none.
John's attitude is always generous and his performance is top.
John is resulting orientated before this became a general concept.
John is one of life's "gentlemen" - kind, honest and generous.
But his most valuable asset is his ability to generate ideas.
Grateful for the meaningful conversations we have had over our company and life in general.