Global Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Global Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He managed several accounts, yet knew what was happening in each and anytime.
John successfully managed one of the most visible accounts in the company.
John manages to do this through a balance of freedom and accountability.
John strongly helped him managing one of his global french based accounts.
John's approach to partnership and account management is best in class.
His dedication to him account managers, and teammates is fearless.
He helped him and countless others become a better account manager.
Recently, he has opted for a different role as an account manager.
He took complete ownership of his account as the on-site manager.
Him managing style commands excellence as well as accountability.
He goes about with a very scientific vigor in account management.
He would make a strong addition to any account management role.
John struck him an impressive account manager from the outset.
He took off very fast and became a successful account manager.
John clearly has the attributes of a successful account manager.
He can grow and manage any account from concept to completion.
John is his account manager and he does not make you feel like one.
He excelled at managing our most significant account, our company.
He performed the dual role of managing existing accounts and penetrating new accounts.
As an account manager, he went above and beyond to make sure all of his client's targets were met, while growing all of those same accounts very efficiently.
His account portfolio has grown considerably in his time here and he now manages some of our major accounts.
This is why he was so valuable in the account management function.
He manages according to the appropriate priorities and does not micromanage.
John is a pleasure to manage, mainly because he didn't need to be managed.
He provides management expertise to those he oversees and directly manages.
John wasn't just his manager - he was the entire company's manager.
He never shows that he is a manager, but he manages everything.
Though he is our manager, but never felt like he is managing us.
As his manager, he didn't manage him in the traditional sense.
John wasn't your ordinary account manager, in that, he managed, "multiple" accounts which made prioritized communication a necessity.
During his tenure as manager, all of the account managers in his group have over performed.
According to his opinion, he was the best account manager and respected by all of our employees.
Postings were timely and accurate and management of his account has been always flawless.
He managed our account with a can do attitude and always delivered.
He excels in account management and is very effective at managing all sorts of clients.
He also impresses as relationship manager who gets the most out of an account.
This course opened his eyes to the level of responsibility account managers should be accountable for and of course then how go forwards with this responsibility.
John took over management of our account from a well respected accounting director.
Most important of it all, he was always accountable and managed expectations realistically.
He recognizes the importance of accountability, yet is an inspiring manager.
All his accounts were very well managed which in turn made his job easier.
John does an outstanding job and will manage your account perfectly.
He sets an example for subordinates in account managing department.
As our account manager he was always candid and solution-oriented.
John knows how to hold people accountable without micro-managing.
John is the best account management partner one could hope for.
His view is that of a 'partner' and not just an account manager.
John is very proactive when building and managing his accounts.
He demonstrated excellent leadership in managing the account.
He managed our account and helped us get to our mutual goals.
As an account manager/project manager, he makes his job easy.
John is an account manager who doesn't just manage an account or a group of employees – he leads.
His management skills are impeccable, including priority management and account management.
He is someone who is focused and energetic and he knows the global impact on the account.
John is put under pressure when he started with us - managing several accounts at once - and he did really well considering.
John has, on several occasions, stepped in and taken over the management of accounts that were getting ready to derail.
He may be having all sorts of pressure, managing those accounts, but he has never shown that to his sub-ordinates.
As our account manager, he was always on top of things, kept us in the loop at every step and never said no.
His style of management is empowering, rather than stifling, while still maintaining accountability.
John managed his accounts very well and he consistently over-achieved on his quarterly quotas.