Graphic Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Graphic Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

In addition, as a graphic designer, he is also very impressive.
Then he goes about doing his design, graphic, and visual magic.
We got our money's worth, and, as far as we're concerned, he's our graphic designer going forward.
John also wrote the text for his website, and designed the logo and graphics.
John designed bright, vibrant graphics for our new smartphone app.
His eye for design and graphic appeal are evident in all he does.
John contributed the graphic design to a kiosk re-design project.
When it came to anything graphical he could do just about anything and make it look awesome.
He's fast, reliable, reasonably priced; everything you want in a graphic designer.
John more-than-exceeded our expectations in creating the graphic design for our ads used in three locations.
Especially as a graphic designer, he excels because he has a great imagination and he is not afraid to use it.
He's an amazing graphic designer who has a style all of his own that definitely stands out from the rest.
John can turn even the most obscure concepts into gloriously portrayed graphic designs.
As a graphic designer, his aesthetic instincts are top notch.
He's his go-guy for any and all things graphic and wonderful.
John's knowledge and ability of all facets of graphic design are unparalleled.
His designs have breathed "life" into some of his older graphics and have been inspirational for him.
His type and graphic design are contemporary, thoughtful and always eye catching without being loud and overdone.
He awakens in all the love for graphic design and make one feel capable of transforming things.
In graphic design, he always gives many options to choose from and super fast turn around.
John came highly recommended to him as a terrific graphic designer for his solo show.
He oversaw the logo creation, site design, graphics, photography, and more.
When he came aboard, he was a graphic designer-and a very good one.
From graphics to site design, we could not be more pleased with the work he has provided.
John provided us the design and graphics we requested below the price he originally estimated.
They kept him focused so that the messaging and graphics were on target.
John taught him all about information architecture and graphic design.
John demonstrated an ability for page design and would often work alongside the graphic designer to ensure him pages looked just as he envisaged.
He is a seasoned veteran of graphic design who always keeps the ideas fresh and current.
And his ability to create concepts from scratch escapes the graphic designer stereotype.
His smart graphic design with attention-grabbing headlines and text were impressive.
He designed a simple but clear layout incorporating screen and other graphics.