High School Teacher LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

High School Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is his lifelong friend and former high school classmate.

Fortunately for him this was his first position out of school.

Now our daughter can look at more challenging schools because of his scores.

He has even gone as far as created a new school that he actually also ran.

Words that he used to encourage him throughout school still resonate today.

He is exemplary of what he does and realizes that every school is unique.

We and the other schools, he has served have been so lucky to have him.

John is passionate and dedicated in all his school commitments.

He created it from concept to completion while still in school.

John would make an excellent addition to any school or company.

Our school is still buzzing with the excitement of his visit.

John is one of those 'old school' improvisers that we revere.

We enjoyed a great time in high school that, if he wasn't there, would not have been that most enjoyable.

He is currently one of his son's high school baseball coaches.

If we were in high school rather than at work he would have gotten the "most likely to succeed" award.

John's tireless work ethic was very evident, even in high school.

And if that was all he did, he would deserve to be in high demand.

He is one of the most valuable members of our school faculty.

John possesses all the right qualities, he's honest, high morals and high ethics.

He gets consistently high evaluations and high praise from his students.

He's also strong and efficient in high-stakes, high-pressure situations.

It was towards the end of our session that all those high school feelings came flooding back and the reality dawned on him that yes.

Of course, it never hurts that he and his husband discovered they have a high school connection of some sort.

While at school, he also founded a company that he pursued shortly after leaving school on the side.

Right from his school days he doesn't believe in coming second.

Since his school days, he was known to be an excellent orator.

John delivered high performance when high expectations were the norm.

John has high expectations of himself and those around him and he will make sure whatever he is involved with gets done right.

John will not let you down, and just as he does for himself, he will hold you to high ethical standards.

He always kept everyone laughing as well, which was especially appreciated when the pressure was high.

John does what he says he'll do, doesn't use him high workload as an excuse and gets results.

John goes well beyond his accomplishments and high standards which he has for himself.

He always took the high road, helping others and looking for the best within everyone.

Despite the high pressure he was often under, he was always pleasant and approachable.

His standards are high and he does what he needs to do to deliver on those standards.

He always follows high standards and understands exactly how to make things happen.

He is dissatisfied with anything less than the highest standards that he's used to.

Can't recommend him high enough and will certainly hire him again in the future.

He challenges himself and those around him to constantly keep high standards.

John can always be counted on and will always over deliver to high standards.

One thing is sure that he has high dreams and he will certainly achieve those.

He did all that was asked of him and more, with high standards and enthusiasm.

His high expectations of himself help bring out the best in those around him.

John has really high standards which feeds through into everything he does.

His expectations are high, but never more than he would expect from him.

He is exceptional at what he does, has very high integrity, and get results.

The thing that impressed him the most was his high touch after the placement.

John knows what he's doing and holds himself and others to a high standard.

John has his gratitude and high regard for being the best at what he does.

Motivation and encouragement of others are very high on his priority list.

John's approach was very calming, especially when frustrations are high.

He will exceed your expectations because his own standards are so high.

John and high spirituality, he has the will and determination to succeed.

John always delivers - and delivers past his already high expectations.

With his chin up high and he had all the willingness to help everyone.

His self esteem is very high and is confident of his responsibilities.

John thrives in these situations, especially when the stakes are high.

Since working with him his expectations are too high for everybody else.

When looking for out of the box approaches, he is very high on his list.

He will take your high expectation from him and smash it over his knee.