Home Building Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Home Building Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John treats every homeowner like the home he is building for them is his own.

His expertise in home building is well-respected by everyone.

His commitment to advancing sustainability throughout the building industry is exemplary.

His take on issues and ideas in the building industry was always fresh and interesting.

He knows his industry and understands the importance of building true connections.

His reputation in the industry made him the linchpin we needed to build and thrive.

It is not uncommon for him to be one of the last in the building.

Equally at home in academia or industry, he builds strong relationships with all who he comes into contact.

This has led him to build experience in almost every sector of his industry.

Possibly more importantly, he is ahead of the curve on green building and green homes.

He can build anything he puts his mind to, from scratch and build it to perfection.

John builds strong relationships throughout the organization and the industry.

During the build they both kept him up to date with exactly what was going on.

If you ever need to build something from scratch, he is definitely the one.

John's always the first one to run towards the burning building.

They always made him feel like they could truly build anything.

He builds on his natural way of being and his characteristics.

His extensive experience in the industry builds this collaborative environment.

He pioneered some innovative ways for the industry to build standards and taxonomy.

He knows the speaking industry well and has provided our firm valuable counsel on how to navigate that industry to build our reputation and exposure.

John's course meets an important need in the building performance industry.

John's reverence could be felt throughout the industry much less the building we worked in together.

John is absolutely phenomenal with the way he builds, and helps you build, relationships with the people that matter in your industry.

John's the quintessential go-to guy for connecting people within the home entertainment industry.

He builds his team from scratch and hired some of the best minds in the industry.

John builds the most beautiful homes with amazing attention to detail.

Many uses him home study program which is the only one of its kind in the industry.

He taught him the ropes in the industry and helped him to build a strong foundation.

He had/has great ideas and builds up a niche of contacts in the industry.

After inviting him into our first home to help provide decor guidance, we knew we couldn't embark on our second home build without his expertise.

John builds and leverages his relationships in the industry very well for his clients.

John remained in touch throughout the construction phase of our home and took it upon himself to help with some issues that come along with building a new home.

In addition, he always came up with useful ideas that could further build the organisation.

He will literally tear it apart and use it to build something you actually need.

He sees what others don't see, or aren't able to currently build for themselves.

His passion for building, for creating and seeing things through is remarkable.

He gets things done, and in a way that builds others up, not breaks them down.

He is the best at building camaraderie because he is so genuinely likeable.

John is always building on his past achievements with an eye on the future.

Reach out to him if you want to ideate, co-create and build something fresh.

John came to us a couple years ago when he found out what we were building.

He builds others up, but without the fanfare and bravado one might expect.

He builds consensus and is always looking for positives in any situation.

He didn't leave the building until everyone understood their next steps.

John knows how to create ideas, and how to help you build on your own.

John knows how to build rapport with any demographic in any situation.

John helps you build on your own ideas and will help with other ideas.

We could not have been happier to be a tenant in one of his buildings.

He builds rapport quickly and always follows through on what he says.

He truly understands that there are 'no facts inside the building'.

He's as buttoned-up as they come, building on proven methodologies.

He also thrives in helping and building others in any way possible.

He goes so much beyond and builds deep connections within the org.

He brings value, builds value, and inspires others to do the same.

He also stepped in to help with difficulties during the build out.

He serves and builds those around him without worry for accolades.

When they aren't, he inspires us to build on previous breakthroughs.

He builds alliances around ideas and then just makes them happen.

John is very good at helping him build his own value proposition.

He's truly and inspiration and an honor know and build with.