Human Resources Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Human Resources Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is an experienced manager who knows very well the company needs in terms of human resources and his "add value with human touch" approach always allows him to achieve outstanding results.
He grew the human resources manager position as the company itself grew, and happily took on new responsibilities.
I know him to be a highly ethical and diligent manager of capital and human resources worldwide.
John provided valued guidance on human resource processes and issues as well as strategic resource management.
Not only was he one of the most effective resource managers, we ever came across, he was known for his friendly nature.
He also helped to manage expectations and champion requests for resources among upper management.
As per my opinion, he will be an excellent choice for human resource manager practically anywhere.
He was an effective manager who provided excellent advice on underwriting and human resource issues.
Hands on when he needs to be and a solid manager of resources with the understanding of how to direct and manage.
All the while, he manages always to keep it human, regardless of how much stress may surround him.
John is professional in all aspects of human resources management with expertise in building and leading human resource departments.
John is a talented and resourceful human resources manager with exceptional interpersonal skills.
He is a person with whom an intelligent conversation can always be maintained, especially about the human resources management, human capital.
John was always willing to listen to our needs and manage his resources to accomplish our goals.
He recognizes the strategic role human resource management has in the success of the organization.
John was a very good manager, with a strong technical capability and very successful in human resources management.
John displayed strength in human resources management and building teamwork in the organization.
He is excellent at seeing what needs to be done and then managing resources to accomplish the fulfillment of his dreams.
He is an excellent manager of resources, and is someone who can always be counted on to deliver whatever you may need.
He managed his resources very well to deliver the best value possible, regardless any other contributing constraints.
He has managed to be successful in the most difficult circumstances which makes him an incredible resource.
He is one resource who is always there for his manager to rely upon and carries responsibilities with ease.
He understands the problem thoroughly and then manages the situation and his resources almost flawlessly.
He was responsible for several components and managed to deliver on most of them with limited resources.
He has a vision for what he wants to achieve and effectively manages resources to get things done.
John is a very gifted human being and this is probably his secret to being an exceptional manager.
He managed his assignments and human resources efficiently to meet tight deadlines and often under tremendous pressure.
John makes very good use of resources available to him and always manages to Co opt additional resources; people like being on his team.
John has also the mindset to work in management and human resources as well as in sociocultural context.
John didn't pull this off on his own, but credit is definitely due to his management of resources.
I really like the way he manages the available resources and pays attention to each and everyone in the team.
He has always provided the management team with the resources that are necessary to achieve success.
He is a very solid manager who also knows how to manage up effectively to get the resources he and his team needs to succeed.
He also managed his team seamlessly, so that we had no overhead in managing resources, timetables, etc.
John is an excellent manager who gives his employees the resources they need and the freedom to innovate.
He is resourceful, to the point that after everyone else has given up, he manages to not only stick with the problem, but solve it.
I have always been impressed with his ability to manage most complex issues with little or no resources at his disposal.
John gets things done, a no nonsense, driven manager, who gets the best possible result with the resources available.
John has been extremely resourceful and responsive to addressing needs of both candidates and hiring managers.
He also has some excellent suggestions concerning how to go around human resources and get to the hiring managers.
Him recommendations and resources he provided me paid off as the hiring manager responded to me immediately.
John then leaves it to management to decide and take action, but is always available as a resource to help.
John is an excellent manager of resources and connections, and he is particularly adept at solving problems.
He is a perfect manager who understands his resources very well and nurture them to new heights.
His methods for managing resources and respective deliverables have brought nothing but success.
His strengths are stakeholder management, resource management and his ability to remain calm in the eye of the storm.
His human touch in whatever he does is an avid example wherein most of the managers try to pass the buck to the lower rung.
He proved to be an excellent resource manager and managed all aspects of the offshore function seamlessly.
He brings a terrific background, having not only managed human resources, but also helped grow many entrepreneurial organizations.
John introduced a new way of thinking to managing human resources to a very bureaucratic structure.
John makes use of all available resources within an organization and manages them with proficiency to get the job done.
He is competent in the area of benefits and human resources and has the respect of upper management because of his competency.
He is a delight to work with and is clearly destined for the highest levels in human resource management.
He has the ability to keep sight on the priorities and manage resources well even under demanding situations.
His years of experience in both human resources management and project management make him an asset to any company.
Motivational, visionary, humane while having a clear focus on delivering measurable results and managing his resources consciously.
He has the best strategies towards requirements for management and lots of experience in handling human resources.
He has also managed both on- and offshore resources to provide the best possible outcome with whatever has been provided.
His creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to manage things is very distinct and really appreciable.
John was a solution-oriented manager, always focused on the best result he can get with the available resources.