Human Resources Recruiter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Human Resources Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

While focusing on recruitment, he also provided valuable support in other human resource areas.
John saves him time and money and is one of our most valuable recruiting resources.
John recruited excellent talent for us with very limited resources.
John also has great passion behind recruiting, and helps drive us all to be better recruiters.
John's integrity is unmatched and he truly knows the human aspect of recruitment.
John came into a recruiting department that was disorganized and lacked necessary resources.
He became a very relied upon resource for the recruiters on our team.
John is very innovative in the way he used the resources available to him and always recruited top talent.
He continues to be an asset and a resource for his recruiting efforts.
John will always go the extra mile and recruitment isn't cheap but poor recruitment can be very expensive.
In addition, he is very well connected with the mainstream recruiting world and most name recruiting firms.
He has an amazing grasp of recruiting because he understands the two foundational pieces of recruiting.
Neither is he a recruiter who tries to hide challenges or obstacles from a recruit.
His background in human resources as well as his extensive experience in recruitment, interviewing and mediation is very impressive.
John brings a refreshingly new dimension to the recruitment of human capital.
Additionally, his experience with payroll and human resources environments makes him a valued resource.
His in-depth knowledge around recruitment and human resources is extremely beneficial and has contributed to his success at the company.
Basically, if you're serious about recruiting then talk to him - if you're not going somewhere else.
He wasn't the only recruiter who offered to help him, but he was the one who followed through.
He went above and beyond on anything that was asked of him for the recent recruiting we did.
John seems to be one of the few recruiters who carries through on what he says he will do.
He knows everyone, everywhere, which makes him incredibly well suited for recruiting.
Over the last three years he has been his go to recruiter and he always delivers.
Send him your recruitment needs and you don't need to worry about them any more.
John often went above and beyond his recruiting role to make everyone happy.
If you are fortunate enough to recruit him, make sure you never let him go.
Wishing him success in bringing out the best from those that he recruits.
John went far beyond what anyone would normally expect from a recruiter.
He's always his first choice recruiter when looking for new opportunities.
Indeed, he is very different in his approach from the standard recruiters.
Thanks to him, our recruitments have become faster and more efficient.
He's the genuine article and you can't say that about many recruiters.
Professional recruiter who makes sure that he understands your needs.
As far as recruitment goes, he is right up there with the rest of them.
John is his recruiter and he was honest with him about everything.
For someone new to the recruitment arena, he made an immediate impact.
John will make any recruiter that oversees him look really good.
He provided him with sensitivity that is rarely seen in recruiters.
He definitely knows recruitment has proven himself with the results.
He's also very intuitive which makes him an excellent recruiter.
John is an excellent recruiter with who really knows his stuff.
Simply put, he's everything you could ever want in a recruiter.
John is honest and he is not pushy like most of the recruiters.
Other recruiters just throw things out to you, yet he did not.
When recruited he was clearly superior to all other candidates.
You would be extremely fortunate to have him as your recruiter.
He tells it like it is, from the inside view of the recruiter.
Other recruiters should look to him as the standard to achieve.
You can't help but be inspired by his enthusiasm for recruitment.
Him and the other recruiters were very in-tune with our needs.
Again, something that is rare in his opinion among recruiters.
John organisation which recruits he will get value for money.
John is the recruiter who placed him in his current position.
His passion for recruiting, resourceful, and innovative style definitely contribute to his success.
John has recruited for him a handful of talented resources, and each time have gone above and beyond to meet his recruiting needs.
John is an awesome resource and an incredibly knowledgeable in regards to hiring and recruiting.
He is very adept at the soft skills needed to be successful in recruiting and human resources.
John recruited him for a role and we later worked together on recruiting for several opportunities.
He knows recruiting and how to set up recruiting processes cold.
John has a deep and detailed knowledge of the human resources and recruiting subject matter.