Information Security Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Information Security Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John did everything he could to help him secure his placement.

He now manages the information uploaded onto the new site for the charity.

Quite how he manages to digest all the information he does is a mystery.

He adds an incredible amount of value to the management of information.

He would take issues to upper management and inform us of the outcome.

He manages large amounts of information and makes it look easy.

He does not micro-manage, but does insist on staying informed.

Since then, his knowledge of information management has truly taken off.

John has gone out of his way to help him secure a new position.

He met regularly with upper management to keep them informed and engaged.

He also has lots of experience in the security management domain.

John makes sure that all is running smoothly, it makes us feel secure.

John is, very simply, one of the good guys when it comes to security.

But if you are lucky enough to secure his help, you won't regret it.

He made us feel so safe and secure and he kept us on the ball.

He will do anything within his means to help secure a victory.

You can have a discussion with him about any security subject.

His management style is informative, structured, and engaging.

John a very experienced and well informed lawyer, and a focused manager.

His understanding of the information management space is detailed and thorough.

Personable, polished, bold and articulate all aptly describe his approach to securing all of your security needs.

If we come across any hurdle in managing those high-end security stuffs, he used to come forward and help us till the resolution.

John's perspective is a must for anyone who is interested in knowing about corporate information security.

John's leadership in security management led the way for a large government organisation to ruggedise its information assets.

His style is very interactive, while being extremely informative.

He never had to be told something twice, always was prepared, kept him information updated and was a manager's dream.

John packed every hour full of information and kept the pace fast but manageable.

It gives him valuable information on the latest news and information from the super yacht world.

He is well informed and always willing to share his knowledge.

He is very open in his communication and he makes sure that his stakeholders are well informed and managed.

John's depth and passion for information and knowledge management comes through clearly.

He combines this with an informed and thoughtful approach to strategic management.

He always kept everything up to date and knew exactly what was going on, providing the board with relevant management information.

He kept him well informed of any progress and was the vital link between himself and the hiring managers during the negotiations.

As a manager, he did an excellent job of keeping him informed of what was going on.

He managed the information security for the bank quite well and was involved with major projects.

He usually has answers to more security issues and when he doesn't you can count on him to come up with one.

John not only secure him an excellent position but kept in touch throughout the assignment.

John knows what he is talking about insecurity, and his band is also pretty mellow.

Furthermore, he is appreciated as one of the world's greatest security experts.

His security insights have proven invaluable on more than one occasion.

He does not throw security issues at you and just expect you to comply.

John really gets to the heart of things in a secure and trusted space.

To put it simply, he is like an all-in-one info-security powerhouse.

John's passion for security and fighting malware was very evident.

He makes you feel comfortable & secure with getting your sexi on.

John has what it takes to be a landmark in the security world.

John immediately jumped into action, giving us back our security.

He has impressed him and helped him in securing a relevant role.

He answered his questions truthfully and was willing to share more information.

He listens to everyone, takes in the information and assimilates it to deliver to management in a way that they may understand.

He anticipated the reaction by management that this new information would reveal and tempered expectations appropriately.

He manages the subject with passion and makes no effort to do so as he owns the "logic" not simply the information.

John's management style was relaxed and informal, yet he remained extremely focused on the deliverable(s).

He earned the respect of top management and became the go-to for information for a variety of uses.

He also managed a great deal of sensitive information like a pro.

The term "expert" doesn't give his knowledge in the information security domain much justice.

He managed to secure an interview and offer within three days of registration.

He modeled excellent management behavior and the sharing of information.

With him being our interface to the management, we were always well informed and positively represented.