Information Technology Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Information Technology Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

And like him is another of of those who gets turned on by technology.
He tends to be up-to-speed on new technology and always does his homework.
He knows all the players and the technology value that each has to offer.
He uses technology as a mean to an end, rather than as an end in itself.
He is smart, he knows how to get things done irrespective of technology.
Would like to thank him for helping him to make technology as his passion.
He knows where technology is going and how to realistically get there.
He understands the technology, and he knows how making it actionable.
Besides knowing everything about technology he is also an inspiration.
He knows many technologies very well, and a little about most of them.
On top of all new technologies and very thorough in all that he does.
He makes technology approachable for those who may be overwhelmed.
Aside from all that, he understands a thing or two about technology.
No wonder that he knows exactly the technology's usage and abusage.
John knows technology and how to get the best candidate in the seat.
He doesn't look for the next big thing in technology, he makes it.
He's as solid as they come, and is an expert in many technologies.
Net is inspirational, as well as his passion for new technologies.
Really knows his stuff, especially new and upcoming technologies.
John is one of the few who get technology from the bottom up.
He's always current with what technology we should be deploying.
Picking up on new technologies seemed to be effortless for him.
He knows so much, and well updated with technological updates.
His understanding of the technologies used are second to none.
For many he made the technology enjoyable and understandable.
His vast knowledge of everything regarding [information] technology always blows him away.
His scope of knowledge certainly isn't confined to information technology, though.
And, he makes sure he all available information before making that decision.
John always kept us well informed so that we could make accurate decisions.
John would keep him informed of changes in the marketplace at all times.
If you'd like more information, don't hesitate to ask him at any time.
You are welcome to contact him for further information at any time.
The information he provided to him was always on time and accurate.
He followed up with him and kept him informed on hiring decisions.
John is very informative, and we appreciate his time and input.
He always came through even given limited time and information.
He gives you the information that you need to make a decision.
He's got a natural knack for gadgets and technology, and we know when you are trying to make things happen you can't let technology get in your way.
Additionally, he can easily understand the fundamentals of new technology and recognize the value-added implications associated with the technology.
John is technological passionate, everywhere he looks try to find a new idea, a new way of getting things done in a better way using technology.
John's ability to understand and articulate technology is unmatched as he has an honest passion for technology.
Him ability to easily pick up new technologies and become proficient in those technologies is paralleled by none.
You can always count on him to have the right information at the right time and will be able to articulate that information in an effective manner.
His decisions are well considered based on the factors and information available to make a well informed decision.
Not only does he know technology through and through, he will go out of his way to explain it to you in a way that you understand.
He's not only passionate about technology, but also his willingness to help others is unchallenged.
John is truly passionate about technology transformation and certainly knows what he is doing.
Furthermore, he was and has been inspired by new technology and one of the first to explore it.
He keeps himself up to date with the latest technologies and is always willing to try them out.
His insight on new technology will keep you on your toes, but also keep you ahead the curve.
John also understands how to maximize the technology value in many different circumstances.
Second, he was an expert in the technology and how to manipulate it to do what we needed.
He's current on just about everything technological and is the guy to go to for answers.
John always was trying to stay ahead of the curve regarding advancements in technology.
Tech geek, through and through is obvious from his passion for all things technology.
He's proactive and tries to make things happen despite technological difficulties.
This is further emphasized by his ability and interest taking on new technologies.
John also helped him relax about the technology and just be himself going forward.
John's technological expertise is just the beginning of what he has to offer.
He always immerses himself, and becomes an expert, in the technologies involved.