Information Technology Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Information Technology Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He actively seeks out information on new technologies and shares them freely with colleagues.

He acquires and utilizes new information and technologies in a heart beat.

It is so easy to work with him because he knows exactly what the information technology can do to do his job better.

John really knows his way around technology, especially when it comes to computers.

John also has a fantastic grasp on technology for someone at his level in management.

It never ceases to amaze him just how much the librarians have to share and how fluent they all are in information sharing and technology.

John managed to get a lot of great information across during the presentation.

He would seek to find information technology solutions that could make the department more efficient.

On the hard side, he has significant experience in the basics: technology, technology management, information security, risk management, etc.

He always keeps the team informed with upper management's decisions.

John took the right place at the project - always on time, good informed and with clear management information.

John is often required to manage multiple tasks simultaneously & always keeps everyone informed about where he is up to.

John masters technologies and concepts, and are always open to teaching and sharing the information.

Also, anything new and cool in the technology space usually was found by him and the information passed on to the rest of the team.

His overall technology management chops were an incredible asset to the organization.

John is a talented manager with vast technology capabilities.

John has been always interested in his new technology offerings, and would engage with him to ensure that he was able to make an informed decision.

He understands that information management is not just about technology, and the human factor is important to the solution.

John keeps surprising him with insightful new takes on technology, entertainment, information, and good, clean fun.

It was never a dull moment in his class; he was well informed about new technologies, and online movements.

He keeps current and informed on most technology and can give great input to a tough problem.

If you are looking for an effective, versatile and knowledgeable technology manager - he is your man.

He passionately seeks out new ideas and information to advance healthcare information technology and openly shares his concepts with others.

He keeps management informed and still able to work independently.

Beyond that he had a broad grasp of the technologies involved with managing, moving and protecting information across extended enterprises.

John has consistently demonstrated that he is one of the most progressive and innovative thought leaders in the field of information technology and information management.

He keeps his management informed of his activities and is savvy enough to know when he needs to escalate an issue or ask for help/resources.

As a manager, he ensured we stayed informed and listened to our opinions through regular meetings and informal, candid discussions.

John would absorb information about the newest technology that is in there and would make it a point to learn all he could.

The process, and the outcome was well managed, and kept him informed at all times.

He thinks ahead, he manages both people and information very, very well.

He knows his way around the stack of technologies and does whatever it takes within the rules to get things done.

He very quickly adapts to the given technology stack and the provided frameworks.

John invariably comes out with well informed, well studied and unique point of view on contemporary technologies and trends.

John uses the appropriate methods, including available technology, to collect, compile, and distribute information.

There, too, him an ability to master new technology and organize massive amounts of information was impressive.

He has always amazed him as an endless source of useful information that he manages to put in use over and over again.

He also worked well with other technology colleagues to manage the implementation.

Matched with his phenomenal understanding of technological information and applications of them in today's world is truly remarkable.

Not only does he know the technology, but he knows how to manage a team well.

John always kept him informed of the progress of our searches and managed his expectations extremely well.

He provides perspectives and options for technology solutions that allow our clients to make informed decisions.